Friday, March 31, 2023

‘The Witcher’ Original Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order

MUSIC'The Witcher' Original Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order

Netflix’s series The Witcher original soundtrack CD is releasing on April 10 in the United States!

The composer, Sonya Belousova, announced that along with these 55 songs, there is a surprise for fans. “You Think You’re Safe” performed by Joey Batey, and lyrics by Jenny Klein, will be featured on the CD, and a double vinyl of the soundtrack will be released soon. 

Image courtesy of Sony

To catch up on on how the score was made, check out the special bonus episode on Netflix’s  The Witcher Behind the Scenes podcast. This special episode includes interviews with composers and writers, how they created the world of The Witcher in music, and the creative genius behind the writing of Jaskier’s catchy tune “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher”.

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International release is coming, but in the mean time, you can “Toss A Coin” and pre-order a copy now through Amazon.

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