Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Briana Buckmaster, Emily Key and Cristina Patalas Announce Children’s Book

BRIANA BUCKMASTERBriana Buckmaster, Emily Key and Cristina Patalas Announce Children's Book

To all her followers on social media and fans worldwide, Briana Buckmaster has been a constant voice of inspiration in all she does, whether that is a panel on stage, her podcast with Supernatural colleague Kim Rhodes, or her social media accounts. Buckmaster has a voice and uses it for good — to inspire, to motivate and to tell you that sometimes you need to take a step back and slow down.

In the past year, she has worked with a number of female friends to create the Instagram account This Is For The Curious, a place for women and mothers who travel and have to find creative solutions to leading an active family life. Together with Emily Key and Cristina Patalas, Buckmaster has created a children’s book called Lola, My Darling. The illustrations were provided by Anne Kenady Smith.

“A children’s book about a little girl and her Mama, and the emotional experiences and adventures she has while mom is out of town for work. We felt that there was a voice we could add to children’s literature: the perspective of a little girl with an untraditional family dynamic who learns to embrace the emotions that come along with it. Families with unique dynamics require a true “team” to support young ones into becoming themselves. This book celebrates that.”

The book was set to release this week. However, the team has decided that now is not the time to release a book about traveling and adventures, given the current situation in the world. So for now, there is no release date for this little book – but in her Instagram post, Buckmaster promised that there would be new projects and ideas that she and her team at This Is For The Curious are working on.

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