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Fans of Roswell, New Mexico are just days away from the season two premiere. Naturally the days seem to be a little longer now that it’s days instead of weeks until Monday, March 16! To ease the pain of waiting, we are looking back at the season one top moments for all our favorite Roswell residents. Up next is Kyle Valenti, surgeon at Roswell’s only hospital who quickly gets dragged into the truth about aliens in his town. Kyle follows his father’s unbreakable moral code as he works with Liz Ortecho to uncover the truth about Rosa Ortecho’s death and the aliens of Roswell. Check out Kyle’s top moments below!

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Manes Tells Kyle about Project Shepherd

After Kyle informs Master Sergeant Jesse Manes about the mysterious handprint he saw “when treating a patient,” Manes jumps into full action, pulling Kyle into the world of Project Shepherd. Kyle takes the news that aliens are very real and very much in Roswell surprisingly well, but isn’t thrilled about “accepting his legacy” and stepping into his father’s shoes when it comes to Project Shepherd, and for good reason. This is one of our first hints that Kyle sticks to his moral code and doesn’t waiver!

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Keeps Liz’s Secret

Kyle is presented with many opportunities to betray his friends throughout season one, but every time he sticks to his guns and has their backs. He could have easily told Manes who had the handprint and who he suspected made the mark, but he instead chooses to protect Liz from the scrutiny of Manes and keep her secret.

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Patches Liz Up

Okay, so there are many moments where Kyle has to patch Liz up after a confrontation with an alien, but the time when Liz is injured accidentally by Max feels significant. This presents Kyle with the perfect opportunity and rationale to tell Manes about Max. He’s injured Liz, albeit accidentally, and turning him in to an authority would feel like a justified move. Instead, he trusts Liz when she says she had to provoke him to get that reaction and follows her lead when it comes to Max, Michael, and Isobel.

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Finds Out Rosa is His Sister

As Kyle digs into his father’s life to help Liz discover who killed Rosa, he and Kyle stumble upon a fairly creepy basement room at Jim Valenti’s cabin. It takes several long minutes for them to realize it’s where Rosa went to get clean, and Jim was helping her do it. Kyle discovers that there was even more he didn’t know when he opens the trunk at the foot of the bed and finds a photo of Jim holding a baby Rosa. He quickly pieces together that the affair wasn’t between Jim and Rosa, but between Jim and Rosa’s mother. It also means that Kyle both gains and loses a sister in this moment.

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Receives Jim’s Notes

When Kyle starts digging into Jim’s life, his mother gives him the notes that his father was writing in his final days of cancer. Nothing on the page makes sense, but Kyle believes there must be a coded message for him in it. Alex and he team up to uncover the hidden message and that’s where Kyle first sees mention of Caulfield.

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Liz Tells Kyle About Isobel

As Liz works in her lab, she also tells Kyle the truth about Isobel, her blackouts, and the truth about Rosa. Kyle is understandably shaken by the news that Isobel is responsible for Rosa’s death. To reassure him, Liz shows him the serum she’s created that should render Isobel powerless, the serum he will inject her with not long after this moment thanks to Isobel’s influential powers.

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Discovers Caulfield

Kyle, Michael, and Alex uncover the terrible truth of what Caulfield is and has been for the last seven decades. Kyle is confronted with the fact that his father was killed by an alien, not a brain tumor as he thought. He also has to accept the fact that his father had a hand in keeping the survivors of the 1947 UFO crash in isolation for decades while they tested and tortured every one of them. It’s a lot to swallow in one day, and Kyle chillingly suggests that his father deserved the end he got if he was involved with such a terrible situation.

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Truth About Father’s Death

Narrowly escaping Caulfield with their lives, Kyle gets a head start on looking through the stolen hard drives from the facility. When Alex arrives, Kyle shows him the security footage he found revealing the truth behind Jim’s death. The alien didn’t accidentally touch him, he was locked into the room by Jesse Manes, making Jesse the real reason Jim is dead. It’s a terrible realization that his death was entirely avoidable if not for Manes, and Kyle is understandably angry.

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Tries to Make Amends with Alex

We see their rocky past in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and we know Kyle was the typical high school jock stereotype all throughout high school. While they search the cabin, Alex and Kyle reminisce about their childhood and it’s revealed the two were actually friends as children. This moment where Kyle offers to have a beer with Alex might be the beginning of them rebuilding their friendship. Kyle also offers Alex advice about Michael, which Alex actually takes.

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Fights Jesse Manes

If anyone has the right to knock Jesse Manes over the head with a very solid object it’s Alex Manes and Kyle Valenti in the season one finale. Manes attempts to murder Kyle in an effort to “clean up” the Caulfield incident, but luckily Kyle bought a bullet proof vest when he actually planned to buy a gun. The vest gives him an edge over Manes and Kyle is able to hit him and gain the upper hand. He also injects Manes with barbiturates just moments later, but because he has an honor code he plans to take Manes to the hospital “before any of his vital organs shut down.”

Kyle Valenti’s character faces some serious revelations in season one. Between finding about aliens, the truth about his dad’s death, and everything about Rosa, it’s enough to make anyone a little stressed. Kyle both relies on and protects his friends we can feel the Valenti Code in every scene that Kyle is in. Actor Michael Trevino expertly plays Kyle with an emotional truth that keeps us wanting more. As Rosa is set to return in season two, we can’t wait to see where Kyle’s journey takes him!

Roswell, New Mexico returns for the season two premiere on Monday, March 16 on The CW.

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