Wizard World Cleveland Sunday Recap: Members of the ‘Teen Wolf’ Cast and Chandler Riggs Close Out the Weekend


When the doors opened to the Huntington Convention Center at 10:30 a.m. on the Sunday morning of Wizard World Cleveland, those who were in attendance on Saturday were still riding the high the next day. It was much easier to maneuver through the show floor and artist alley on Sunday and a lot of the artists were offering deals on their merchandise. The first panel was the Teen Wolf panel in room 25ABC. Dylan Sprayberry, Ian Bohen, Khylin Rhambo and Tyler Hoechlin were in attendance, alongside the mediator of their panel, Lindsey Peay.

While the show was fresh for some, the cast had trouble at times recalling moments from the series. One thing was clear though, and that was when they got the news the show would be ending after its 6th season. Rhambo recalled the moment fondly, “I remember when we got the news. We were all having dinner together and there was a full moon.” Lindsey threw out the invitation to ask questions and the line filled in seconds. When asked what their favorite moment on the show was, Sprayberry answered with, “I was trying to start the Jeep and I didn’t have my foot on the pedal right, I think it was stick; I almost ran over Tyler and Dylan [O’Brien].”

Courtesy of Staff Writer, Haley.

During the Q&A, an audience member asked if the guys still talked to the cast and Bohen was quick to respond, “We speak almost everyday [gesturing toward Tyler Hoechlin], multiple times a day. I speak to JR [Bourne], I see these guys at cons and events and things, these two [Khylin Rhambo and Dylan Sprayberry] are joined at the hip so everyone is still best buddies and thank God we get to take that away with us.”

The guys were then asked if they could play any other character, besides themselves, who they would play from the show. Hoechlin responded, “They’re gonna go out and find the right person for the role. It [Derek Hale] was a character I was excited to play at the time and it made sense while it was going on in my life and then when it got to a point it didn’t I was like ‘alright, its time for me to leave.’ Sorry for the boring answer.” Bohen chimed in and agreed saying that he, too, believed they would find the perfect person for the role but if he could see the show in retrospect he would be Peter, but if he could do it over again and choose who he wanted to be he would choose Bourne’s part (Mr.Agent) or the Sheriff.

After the Teen Wolf panel came to a close, there were performances on the entertainment stage that included The Federal Brass of the United States Army and Michael McFarland. On the creative stage Sketching The Heroes Of Star Wars with Joe Corroney took place, and before you knew it, The Walking Dead‘s Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) panel crowded into room 25ABC to hear all about Riggs’ time on the show and what he is up to now. The panel was moderated by Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks) and at any point if you had a question for Riggs, you could walk up to the mic and Levine would direct attention to your question. Riggs opened up the conversation speaking fondly of his time on the show, talking about how much of a fan he was when he was cast and how excited he was when comic #75 came out when the show was in its first season.

He also shared a hilarious story that because of child laws, when Riggs would exceed the number of hours he was eligible to work, a dummy would be brought in. “Yes, they made the dummy. It was mainly just so they could get the prosthetic great. But they took a mold of my face, which was absolutely terrifying. They ended up actually using it for one of the shots in the episode when he takes the bullet and then he says ‘dad’ and he falls over. Rick comes down and scoops up Carl to run to the infirmary; when he scoops him up and starts running, it’s straight up the dummy.”

Shifting gears to fan questions, Riggs was asked if he has run into the cast of Riverdale since A Million Little Things also films in Vancouver. “You know I actually, I played this charity soccer match and KJ Apa was supposed to play but he pulled out and I was so glad he did because I bought shin guards specifically because I fully expected my shins to be destroyed by him. That dude would destroy me in a game of soccer, for sure. However, no I’ve never met them, but I’m sure they are great.” When asked what he’s up to now, besides his role on A Million Little Things, he spends his time streaming on Twitch and working on his music.  “Kind of my end goal, as a musician, is to be scoring like films and TV shows eventually. When you listen to the soundtrack of a film, it sounds like they made the song and they just copy and paste it onto the film. But they score it based on the final edit. That’s kind of like the end goal, to hit all mediums.”

The weekend was a long one but it was fantastic, and we’re already very excited for next year’s Wizard World Cleveland convention, taking place February 26-28. Save the date!

Haley joined the Nerds and Beyond team in 2019 as a Writer and Editor. Her main fandoms include Criminal Minds, Wrestling, and The Walking Dead. You can find her on Twitter @haleyanne_.

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