‘Katy Keene’ Recap: Katy Tries to Move on With Her Life Post-Break Up in Season 1, Episode 4 “Chapter Four: Here Comes the Sun”

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Julia Chan, Lucy Hale, and Ashleigh Murray in Katy Keene. Image courtesy of The CW.

In the newest episode of The CW’s newest series, Katy struggles to move past her breakup with KO, but it’s starting to get in the way of her work. Meanwhile, Josie is trying to get signed by the Cabots, dealing with Alex and Xandra along the way.

Find out what happened in the fourth episode of Katy Keene, “Chapter Four: Here Comes the Sun.”

A week after the breakup, Katy sees Josie, Pepper, and Jorge are all outside her room, wanting to know how she is. She tries convincing them she’s fine, truly. Jorge points out that Katy’s barely slept since KO moved out, and Katy admits she hasn’t felt inspired to make clothes — which is usually why she’s up so late. Pepper suggests a girl’s night out, but Katy says she’s not feeling up to it. She is dealing with the breakup by throwing herself into her work; aside from them, it’s the only thing keeping her from a complete meltdown.

Josie and Alex are at Chubby’s, and Alex tells Josie he wants her to meet his father. He’s having drinks with him that night at a private club, and Josie should come. Alex says if they go directly to his dad and prove to him how talented she is, there’s a chance he will finally re-launch Cabot Records. Just Alex, his dad, and Josie. No Xandra, boards, or curve balls.

Katy is helping Francois with the display window at Lacy’s when Amanda comes in, saying that Gloria is summoning Katy. When Katy meets up with Gloria and the other girls, Gloria tells them they’re expecting a special visitor — Guy LaMontagne, Creative Director of the House of Karloff in Paris. Mrs. Lacy has tasked Gloria with getting Guy to sell at Lacy’s, and only Lacy’s, now that he has resigned. She tells Katy and Amanda they need to relieve themselves of all personal drama and they need to show Guy they are the only team worthy of selling his line.

Katy, Amanda, and Gloria are meeting with Guy, and when it seems like Guy isn’t going to go for Lacy’s because the store seems too dated, Katy brings up a design that he did during New York Fashion Week. However, the design she brought up was actually Alexander McQueen. Guy tells Gloria that Katy has helped him make up his mind; Lacy’s just isn’t the right fit. When Guy leaves, Katy apologizes, saying she hasn’t been sleeping. Katy asks if they really need him that badly and Mrs. Lacy comes in, saying they do. She admits the store is struggling, and if they have another bad year, they’ll shutter. Guy’s line is what they needed to resuscitate them. Katy tells Mrs. Lacy she feels responsible, and she promises she will fix it. Mrs. Lacy says if by some miracle, she does, it might convince her to let Katy keep her job.

Lucy Hale, Hélene Yorke, and Katherine LaNasa in Katy Keene. Image courtesy of The CW.

Josie meets up with Alex at the club, and Mr. Cabot comes in. Alex introduces him to Josie, and the two of them sit down while Josie plays a song on the piano, Xandra soon joining in. Later, Alex brings up the fact that Xandra is supposed to be meeting a designer to lock him in for Cabotoure. Xandra tells him she’s going to meet Guy LaMontagne at 11:00 for drinks at Studio 34.  After Xandra gets under Josie’s skin again, Josie tells Mr. Cabot that the two of them have been toying with her since she stepped foot in New York, and she’s only put up with it for the sake of her career. “And the only thing that means more to me than my music is my self-respect.” When Josie leaves, Alex tries to follow her, but she stops him. Later, she calls Katy and tells her what has happened, mentioning that Xandra is meeting Guy at Studio 34.

At Studio 34, Katy, Pepper, and Josie spot Xandra with Guy. Pepper tells Josie to distract Xandra while she and Katy swoop in. “It’s easy. Xandra can’t resist a chance to insult me.” When Pepper and Katy see Xandra leave Guy, they seize their opening. The two of them walk up to him, and Katy apologizes to him about that morning, saying mistaking his work for McQueen is a compliment. “That it is.” Pepper pleads with Guy to hear Katy out, then leaves while Katy and Guy grab drinks. Later, Katy tries to convince Guy to sell at Lacy’s, but it’s no use; he’s not giving in. Xandra comes up to them, asking Guy if Katy’s bothering him. “No, she was just leaving.”

Katy is drinking with the gang when she spots KO. She tells them they have to get out of there before he sees them, but it’s too late. Katy talks with KO, who tells Katy Studio 34 needs a bouncer, and he’s interviewing for the job. KO said he quit Molly’s Crisis because he figured she’d want it in the divorce. “You quit your job so you wouldn’t have to run into me?” Katy says he must’ve really wanted to avoid her, but KO thinks she’s might’ve had enough to drink and asks if she wants him to get her some water. Katy tells him no and to stop being so nice to her. She admits that she’s been a mess and asks KO why he hasn’t answered her texts. How is he supposed to respond? He’s miserable, and Katy’s the one who made him feel that way. KO tells Katy he has to go and to take care of herself.

Lucy Hale in Katy Keene. Image courtesy of The CW.

Later, Katy, Pepper, Josie, and Jorge are all eating at a pizza joint. Josie gets a phone call from a secretary at Mr. Cabot’s office. She tells Josie that Mr. Cabot has requested to see her in the morning at his club and hangs up. Jorge asks Katy how it went with KO, and she says it was awkward and sad and that he quit Molly’s Crisis for her.

“Even post break up, he’s still the greatest guy in the world.”

Katy spots Guy walking to his car and chases after him. Guy asks Katy if she cares if he goes to Lacy’s or not; isn’t she just an assistant? Isn’t this just a job? Katy says Lacy’s has always been a home to her and that it is for a lot of her coworkers. Guy was right when he said Lacy’s was just a thing of the past, but that is what makes it magical. Katy wishes Guy could see it through her eyes, and he tells her to show him her Lacy’s by giving him a tour.

Katy gives Guy a tour of Lacy’s, pointing out history — what makes the place so special, telling him a story about her and her mom when she was younger. When they went to Lacy’s and repaired a sweater they had bought. Guy recounts a story of his own, and Katy tells him that’s the point. “No one is going to have a story to tell about your clothes if they’re clicking them into a digital cart.” Katy asks him why he left Karloff when he had one of the best jobs there, and Guy says a year ago, he was so desperate to break out on his own and assert his own identity, but now he’s terrified. Karloff was stable and safe; leaving was like jumping without a safety net. Katy suggests giving him the entire eighth floor for his very own atelier, but Guy says she’s just an assistant; she can’t promise him a whole floor. Maybe not, but she’s doing it anyway.

Later, Katy is talking to Josie, Pepper, and Jorge on the phone, telling them what happened, including throwing up in her handbag (and on her dress and shoes.) Pepper asks if there was any way she was able to convince Guy to work with Lacy’s, and Katy says no, that she ran to the bathroom, and when she came out, he was gone. Katy tells them she’ll come home; she just needs to close her eyes just for a second. In Lacy’s Fifth Avenue window, Katy sleeps for the first time since she broke up with KO, but unfortunately, not before getting caught in the morning. She tells Gloria she has a good explanation for this, and Gloria tells her to save it for Mrs. Lacy — she’s requested to see her immediately.

Lucy Hale in Katy Keene. Image courtesy of The CW.

Mrs. Lacy tells Katy that never once in the history of Lacy’s has a shopgirl ever behaved in such an atrocious manner —  breaking in during the night, sleeping in their window. Then Mrs. Lacy gets a call from Guy, who says he’s picked them to be his exclusive retailer, as long as they give him the entire eighth floor for his own atelier. The space isn’t even available. Gloria steps in, suggesting they could move their overstock storage to the basement. While she doesn’t condone Katy’s methods, having Guy set up shop there could keep Lacy’s relevant for years to come. Mrs. Lacy supposes it’s worth considering, and Katy leaves.

Josie meets with Mr. Cabot, and he tells her that was quite the performance she gave. He says he wanted to let her know he’s not rebooting Cabot Records, not yet, but Josie’s talent is undeniable. However, talent alone isn’t enough. Mr. Cabot says he’s never seen anyone stand up to Alex and Xandra the way she did. He wants to give Josie the chance to prove herself, telling her he’s willing to fund her first EP. In exchange, Mr. Cabot wants Josie to help keep Alex on the straight and narrow. He can tell Alex listens to Josie, but she tells him she and Alex did have a thing, but they ended it, deciding to keep it professional. Mr. Cabot trusts she will make it work.

That night, Katy is in her room and is finally sketching again and sewing. She finally started to let go of KO.

“I was scared because I didn’t think I’d be any good at being by myself.”

Sitting there at her sewing machine, she was reminded there were other things that she loved. She wasn’t alone. She has the city, her friends, her work, and right now, that was enough.

Some other storylines in the episode included Jorge and his new hot firefighter boyfriend, Bernardo, and how Jorge feels insecure around him. He doesn’t know why Bernardo is with him, but in the end, Bernardo reassures Jorge, telling him he’s sexy and talented, and when Jorge is up on stage, he’s gone. Pepper is also struggling to make things work at the Pepper Plant, having the first project filmed there be gay porn, and is almost caught by the landlady, but Jorge and Bernardo save the day by acting like police officers. By the episode’s end, almost everyone is happy. Almost…

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