Top 10 Max Evans Moments from ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season One


Season one of Roswell, New Mexico introduced fans to the world of Liz Ortecho and her almost high school flame Max Evans, who just so happens to be an alien. The season was packed with intense moments that forced the main characters into tight spots and some tough decisions. Through it all Max Evans continually rises to the occasion. He has a good heart, with the best of intentions even when some of them come back to haunt him. From running to the rescue in the nick of time to literally catching lightning, he is the leading man we want to see on TV today. Check out our 10 favorite Max Evans moments from season one!


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Saving Liz

Max Evans has a serious case of always playing the hero when it comes to Liz Ortecho. In the first five minutes of the pilot episode, Max risks his family’s secret and his own life by resurrecting Liz when she is shot and killed in a drive by shooting at the Crashdown Cafe. He also races to Arturo Ortecho’s rescue in a later episode, further adding to his “I come to the rescue in the nick of time” list.

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Explains the Handprint

Max has been in love with Liz for his entire life, yet he refuses to let her kiss him when his residual handprint makes Liz temporarily feel like she likes Max. Instead, he explains that what she feels is just an echo of his feelings. When it fades so will the affection she feels in that moment. It’s a testament to Max’s character when he doesn’t take advantage of that echo. Another noteworthy moment is when Max accepts Liz’s “no” when the print finally does fade and she realizes he was right.

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Confesses His Lifelong Love to Liz

We get several beautiful speeches from the eloquent Max when describing his love for Liz, but this moment is a perfect storm of pent up feelings, betrayal, and frustration that forces Max to confess his love in no uncertain terms to Liz. “I have loved you my entire life,” he tells her after she accuses him of murdering Rosa. He’s hurt she could ever think him capable of such violence, but his love never waivers for a second.

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Max Restores Powers to the Hospital

Okay, it’s true that this moment is really Max righting a wrong that was his doing. He causes a city wide blackout in Roswell, including the hospital where several lives are now in jeopardy thanks to him. He tries to make amends by taking water (and books) to the hospital, but is forced into action when a young boy needs immediate surgery. Unsure if he can do it, or if he will injure himself, he races to the basement and shocks the electricity back to life.

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Protects Isobel in the Cave

We can’t talk about Max Evans without also talking about his overprotective nature when it comes to his family, specifically Isobel and Michael. In fact, we could probably do an entire top 10 on moments he puts their welfare ahead of his own, but this one in particular is extra endearing. When Isobel is sick Max continually tries to heal her, only stopping because he himself becomes ill from the effort. Once she is in the pod, Max all but lives in that cave to protect her and keep her company. We see a tender moment when he reads his own writing to Isobel. Later, we see him refuse to hurt Isobel when she is controlled by Noah. There is no length he won’t go to when it comes to protecting his family.

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Makes Amends with Michael

Max and Michael are the truest definition of brothers, constantly butting heads but always have each other’s backs. We know that Rosa’s death and subsequent cover up drove a deep wedge between them for 10 years. Now trapped together in Michael’s alien tech bunker, they are forced to finally talk it out. There is yelling, arguing, and oh so much sarcasm from both brothers, but they ultimately come to terms with their pasts and decide to move forward together as family.

Max Tells Liz The Truth About Rosa

This is a pivotal moment for both Max and Liz, and telling it over the course of an entire episode really created an emotional impact for the fans. After 10 years of lies, Max finally realizes Liz has pieced together Rosa’s death and confirms that Isobel was responsible. Much of Max’s story hinges on his love for Liz, so confessing something that will surely drive her away and even cause her to hate him was a big moment. When he finally finishes the story Liz rejects him (and who can blame her?) and declares she never wants to see Max again before storming away. Max is clearly hurt, but he lets her go.

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Takes Responsibility for Noah’s Death

Before Liz leaves, Max asks her to leave the antidote with him while he  stays with Noah. Max’s willingness to take responsibility for Noah’s death is both admirable and unsettling at the same time. His motives appear to be heroic, sparing Liz from carrying the burden of Noah’s death, we also see Max attempt to interrogate Noah and appears to enjoy Noah’s suffering. It’s a gift to Liz, but also shows us a darker side to Max’s character.

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Harnesses Lightning to Gain Strength and Destroy Noah

Max knows it is going to take more than his usual abilities to defeat Noah once and for all, so Max draws additional strength from the storm raging outside the caves. He literally catches lightning, absorbing its power and takes aim at Noah. It’s no surprise that this finally ends Noah, but also seems to leave some residual energy in Max.

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Max Resurrects Rosa

Of course we can’t make a list of Max’s most significant moments without including that heartbreaking season one cliffhanger. Still hyped from his intake of lightning and just spending the night (well, morning) with Liz, Max makes the fatal decision to try and resurrect Rosa. He is successful but it ultimately kills him. Our hearts collectively broke with Liz’s as she finds her sister alive but Max dead in the cave.

Max’s future in Roswell is questionable considering that season finale, but we’re holding out hope we’ll get to see him again be it in flashbacks or a resurrection. Whatever the future holds for his character, Nathan Dean Parsons’ portrayal of Max’s constant bravery and protective nature (and those puppy dog eyes) will keep Max near and dear to our hearts.

Roswell, New Mexico returns to The CW on Monday, March 16.

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