Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Join Jesse Thorn on this Week’s Podcast of ‘My Neighbors Are Dead’

PODCASTSJoin Jesse Thorn on this Week's Podcast of 'My Neighbors Are Dead'

The podcast My Neighbors Are Dead, is hosted by Adam Peacock and produced by Nate Dufort and is part of the independent podcast production company Campfire Media.

Image courtesy of ‘My Neighbors Are Dead’

It is a hilarious horror-comedy podcast, where each week Adam sits down with some of the minor characters from your favorite horror films, these “just beyond the terror” guests are portrayed by the best improvisers and comedians from the Los Angeles and Chicago comedy communities.

Image courtesy of Ibarionex Perello

In this week’s episode, join guest Jesse Thorn (Bullseye, Jordan, Jesse, Go!) as he sits down with Adam and discusses the Star Wars fandom, “descent into” films, and how middle school challenges led to his cultural awakening. Jesse will then introduce the audience to a lighthouse inspector from the world of The Lighthouse.

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You can learn more information about Campfire Media and check out all their other podcasts here.

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