Richard Armitage Is Back as Rassilon in Big Finish’s ‘Gallifrey: War Room: Allegiance’

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Big Finish

Gallifrey is at war in four new volumes of its new series Gallifrey: War Room. The first volume is out now with the three other volumes scheduled to be released in July 2023, February 2024, and February 2025.

“Gallifrey’s moral compass is lost, Rassilon rules, and Romana is gone. But it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning… Gallifrey is at war. At the heart of the Capitol, the War Room co-ordinates the fight against the Daleks. Leela has been forced into service, alongside the General and his soldiers, taking orders from Cardinals Rasmus and Ollistra. But this being Gallifrey, politics are never forgotten. Some serve Rassilon, some serve themselves, and some have their own cause. The Time War will test them all.

1.1 The Last Days of Freme by Lou Morgan
Leela is assigned to the War Room by Lord Rassilon himself. There, she finds an earlier incarnation of Ollistra, restored from the Matrix to oversee operations. She has a mission for Leela, and will go to any lengths to ensure compliance…

1.2 The Passenger by David Llewellyn
Cardinal Rasmus arrives in the War Room and vies for control with Ollistra. But first, they have a mystery to solve: a sole survivor from a Dalek attack has returned home – but is he a hero, or a threat?

1.3 Collateral Victim by Alfie Shaw
Rasmus, Leela and Veklin are despatched into dangerous territory: a place where time itself is in tatters. One TARDIS and its crew has already been lost – will the Norvis system claim another?

1.4 The First Days of Phaidon by Sophie Iles
Phaidon was one of the first worlds destroyed in the Time War – but now it is back. Daleks and Time Lords race to the planet’s new location: something has arrived which could turn the course of the war. And for Leela, an even greater shock awaits…”

Richard Armitage plays Rassilon. He is joined by Louise Jameson (Louise), Nicholas Briggs (Daleks), Ken Bones (General), Ollistra (Carolyn Pickles), Chris Jarman (Rasmus), Beth Chalmers (Veklin), and Sean Carlsen (Narvin). The box set is directed by Samuel Clemens and produced by David Richardson.

You can listen to a trailer below:

Gallifrey: War Room 1: Allegiance is available to purchase on Big Finish website. Listeners can also buy a bundle of the four volumes together to save money.

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