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Mark Gatiss to Play Dracula in Big Finish ‘Dracula’s Guests’

TELEVISIONBBCMark Gatiss to Play Dracula in Big Finish ‘Dracula’s Guests’

Following the BBC Studios/Netflix production of Dracula, Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) will take on the role of the Transylvanian Count in a new prequel audio drama out next month called Dracula’s Guests from Big Finish production.

The drama is set to be a prequel of Bram Stoker’s novel and will be part of a trilogy with the novel adaptation and a sequel called Dracula’s War.

Dracula’s Guests is adapted by Jonathan Barnes and produced by Scott Handcock. David Bamber (Jeremiah Hart), Ian Hallard (RM Renfield), and Hannah Arterton (Sabine) will star in the drama alongside Gatiss. 

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Check the synopsis below:

Transylvania, 1888.

Sitting in his castle like a spider in its web, Count Dracula is setting his plans in motion.

Soon he will travel to England, there to cut a bloody swathe through polite society and pit himself against a dedicated crew of vampire-slayers.

Yet before then, there is much to be done. A certain artist must be brought to him and a certain portrait painted. An old tale must be told, drawn from the darkest recesses of Transylvanian history. And in faraway London, an honest police detective must be corrupted and set to work in the service of the Count.

The vampire king is making preparations. And his survival will be assured – no matter the cost.

Regrading being a fan of Dracula, actor Mark Gatiss said, “As a life-long horror fan, vampires – and Dracula in particular – were always my favorite of them all. Stoker very mysteriously never bothered to write a sequel, but I thought it would be quite an interesting thing to come back to. He’s always coming back, isn’t he? It’s the point of Dracula.”

Dracula’s Guests will be released in February 2020 and is available now as a three cd collector box set, a download on the website, and you can also save money with a trilogy bundle.

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