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A Look Back at Adam Driver on ‘Saturday Night Live’

TELEVISIONA Look Back at Adam Driver on 'Saturday Night Live'

Adam Driver is set to host Saturday Night Live for the third time on January 25, with musical guest Halsey. As we get ready to watch the incredibly talented actor on the first episode of 2020, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite sketches from Adam’s previous SNL appearances.

Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

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No one can forget this skit, which made the rounds on the internet and created many memes and quotes. From “Sorry I killed your son,” to “I hear he’s shredded,” this is one of the best SNL skits in recent years. It’s so much fun, and such a great way for Adam to flex his comedic skills as one of his iconic characters.


In this skit, we get to see Adam sing parts of the famous “A Whole New World,” (with a bit of a twist) and get to imagine him as a Disney prince. What’s better than that?

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Career Day

Adam plays an over-the-top father in this skit, and has every single seasoned actor on the show cracking up — all while Adam remains completely in character. It’s so much fun to watch everyone else’s reactions (especially when he starts stabbing the stuffed crow).

America’s Funniest Cats

Adam plays the host of “America’s Funniest Cats” and what’s better than hearing him describe funny cat videos? Nothing.

What’s your favorite skit with Adam? Don’t forget to watch Saturday Night Live when it returns on Saturday, January 25 with host Adam Driver.

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