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Nerds Gets Cheery: Get in the Holiday Spirit with ‘Noelle’

FANDOMDISNEYNerds Gets Cheery: Get in the Holiday Spirit with 'Noelle'
Image Courtesy Disney.

Welcome to day two of Nerds Gets Cheery! All month long we will be bringing you our favorite holiday movies, both new and old, to get into the spirit of the season. Today’s movie comes to us from Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+.

Get ready to add Noelle to your annual must-watch Christmas list! Available on Disney+, Anna Kendrick stars as Noelle, Santa’s charismatic daughter who naturally loves all things Christmas. Noelle and her older brother Nick, played by Bill Hader, have lived a charmed life in the North Pole, or so Noelle thought. Nick begins training to take over the ‘family business’ from their father, but there’s an unexpected hiccup. He is terrible at it. Nick crashes the sleigh, he isn’t multilingual and he can’t even tell naughty from nice!

As she watches Nick struggle, Noelle is left with a desire to also do something important with her life. She tries to assist Nick with training, but when the stress threatens to overwhelm him, Noelle cheerily suggests he take a vacation. This little plan backfires when Nick doesn’t return, and their tech-savvy cousin is deemed next in line if Nick can’t be found. His plan to digitize Christmas forces Noelle and the colorful elf Polly to steal Santa’s sleigh (and reindeer) to bring her brother home.

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Along the way Noelle meets a myriad of characters on sunny Phoenix, Arizona as she searches for Nick. Noelle also discovers the true meaning of Christmas along the way and learns she shares more in common with her father than just a name.  Check out the trailer below for a peak at this delightful Disney movie:

This light-hearted family movie has a little of everything in it. Kendrick absolutely shines as the cheery Noelle. Her character plays opposite a disparaged Nick (Hader), a sassy elf Polly (played by the brilliant Shirley MacLaine) adds a comical element. We also get to watch her bond with a few ‘regular humans’ when she meets Jake Hapman and his son. If you aren’t in the Christmas spirit yet, Noelle will have you ready to decorate the tree and sing carols in no time. You can watch Noelle on Disney+ now!

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