Things to Be Thankful For: Thank Heavens for Chris Evans


It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States and that means a few things — lots of food, football, and probably some family members you’d prefer to avoid. It’s also about giving thanks. So, allow us to give you a reason to sneak off to the bathroom so you can peruse our Thanksgiving dedication to the one, the only, Chris Evans.

Chris Evans is … the best? Is there any other way to put it? He had a big year in 2019 — his Marvel swan song Avengers: Endgame became the highest-grossing film of all time, he filmed a new TV series Defending Jacob for Apple TV+ (release date is still unknown), and he’s got a new little something that hit theaters yesterday, the critically acclaimed murder/mystery Knives Out from Rian Johnson (another great way to escape the family, take them to see it!). But those are just movies. And while we enjoy them, that’s not all that we’re thankful for — so what are we writing an ode to gratitude to?

The Left Pec Grab

Image courtesy of Movie Manics/YouTube

We’re starting with a big one. The left pec grab. Now, the man laughs with his entire body (it’s infectious), and it’s always great, but that left pec grab is just the crown jewel. We love a pure, wholeheartedly joyous individual that can spread his happiness like wildflowers. If you’re ever having a bad day, watch some Evans press junkets and try not to let it cheer you up, it’s almost impossible.


That’s right, we’re thankful for Dodger. Not Dodger pictures — Dodger himself. The lion tamer, push-up hinderer, Chris Evans’ BFF, that rescue dog that stole the hearts of millions back in 2017, Dodger. He’s basically the internet’s dog now, and we’re forever indebted to his owner for continuing to share him with his many adoring fans (Dodger’s fans, obviously. Chris who?).


Image courtesy of ‘Knives Out’

I almost need to say no more. The man has an impeccable collection of sweaters, and he’s not afraid to don them like he’s ready for Christmas dinner at the drop of a Red Sox baseball cap. The blue one, the fluffier blue one, his infamous Knives Out cable knit, that gray, white, and maroon intricately patterned one … sweaters. Basically, we’re thankful for a fluffy man in equally as fluffy clothes.

#1 Guacardo Advocate

Poor Guacardo, he can’t catch a break … that is until he met Chris Evans. We forgive him for his dislike of avocado solely for the softhearted approach he took to Guacardo and his … anatomy. His tender embrace and concern for the “not a butt” butt of this plush avocado swept the internet off its metaphorical feet, as if we needed another reason to think he’s the greatest.

His Old Headshots

I mean … he willingly shared these. There’s an entire series. That’s what he gave us for his birthday this year. Could there have been a better gift? What did we ever do to deserve this? The velour Sean John track suit may not have been the best decision, but we think you’re doing great these days, Chris.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

image courtesy of The People’s Choice Awards

Cue dramatic pining sigh. Was this not one of the sweetest exchanges? Don’t lie, you pictured him helping your own grandmother up the steps and your heart soared as high as an eagle for just a moment. He didn’t have to do this, he just does it. It’s who he is, and we love him for it. A lot.

Image courtesy of CBS

He did it again at the 2019 Oscars, too. Chivalry isn’t dead, and Chris Evans is here to prove it.

His Dancing

Image courtesy of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Is it great? Or is it so bad it’s incredible? We’ll let you be the judge. However, if you need a little more evidence than the above gif, attached below is his dance-off with Elizabeth Olsen from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He’s got moves, and he clearly has a great time taking them out to the discotheque, even if he has to make that discotheque himself. We’d dance with you anywhere and everywhere Cevans, just name the place and time.

That He’s an All Around Good Guy

Chris Evans is just a great guy. Whether he’s petitioning for one of his charities of choice (Christopher’s Haven is one of his favorites), posting his favorite excerpts from Hermann Hesse, proudly boasting his love of Disney and ice cream (Brigham’s, duh), or motivating people to go and vote, he’s made it very clear he’s more than just an actor. He’s using the platform he’s been given and taken an active interest in making the world a better place, any way he can, and for that we are forever grateful. And speaking of gratitude, while we could have continued on for miles, we’ll leave you with one of our favorite Evans quotes from his interview with Evolve by Lindsey. Happy Thanksgiving and thank heavens for Chris Evans!

Grateful is like one degree away from happiness, it really is.

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