The Latest ‘Small Town Dicks’ Episode, “Impact,” is Available Now


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The real crime podcast, Small Town Dicks, takes listeners through a disturbing new crime each week. The announcers of the show are identical twins Dan and Dave, both of whom are veteran detectives, and Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson. They are bringing major crimes to light that happen in small towns throughout the U.S., and are currently in their fifth season. During the episode, they share information from the detectives that dealt with the case, 9-1-1 calls, interrogation recordings, and more.

The episode released today is called “Impact,” and it is about the very gruesome hit and run accident that saw a woman drive away with the person she hit. The official synopsis reads,

Warning that this episode has graphic descriptions and recordings that may be triggering to some. There are also spoilers beyond this point.

“The tragic incident happened a few weeks prior to Christmas when a father and son were walking to a nearby grocery store. After being hit, the victim gets stuck to the roof of the driver’s car, and it takes a full mile and a half before the suspect veers onto a side street and pulls the victim from her vehicle — ultimately leaving him in the street to die. A shocking piece of evidence eventually links the driver to the crime, and her attempt to cover it up is nothing short of chilling.”

During the 54-minute heartbreaking episode, they begin with Dan and Dave giving a brief history of their background in detective work. Joseph was visiting his adult son Jeremy; they hadn’t seen each other in a long time and were walking to the store when it happened. The person that hit them didn’t stop or slow down. Jeremey managed to get out of the way, but his father was gravely injured and found on a side road 1.5 miles from the accident site. They played a recording of two of the people involved in the accident with the woman eventually confessing to knowing that she hit Joseph, left him on the side of the road, and tried to cover up what had happened. After years apart, living in different countries, the father and son were planning to spend the holidays together but only got one day.

You can listen to this episode and all previous episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and their website.

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