Scores are Settled in ‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 2, Episode 10: “Hunahpu”

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Well, here it is. We have made it to the season two finale, and it is a hell of a ride.

If you have not seen the episode there will be spoilers beyond this point. 

For this episode, when the main theme song begins, it is back to a male voice singing. All season, ever since learning about Adelita’s pregnancy, it has been a female voice. Now that the baby is born, it is back to a man’s voice. Is there a meaning or connection to that? Or am I just imagining it? But this is Kurt Sutter, after all. He does use a lot of symbology in his writing. It is part of what makes him a great storyteller.

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The morning after the reveal that Dita was the one to have their mother killed, the brothers’ bond seems to be stronger. Angel apologizes to EZ for not being there all those years ago when he first started digging into it. EZ admits that he is getting buried by it like the last time. Angel leaves the room to take a phone call. When he comes back, the look on his face is somber. He tells his brother and father that Riz didn’t make it.

The other Kings want to talk with Bishop about the ramifications of his decisions before they leave. They want to make sure he knows what is at stake with the deal that is in motion. Bishop does get it, but he and his club want vengeance. The Kings remind him that if the deal with the VM doesn’t go through, it rocks the faith both in and out of the club. Bishop finally agrees to go talk to Palo to hear him out, but he doesn’t want to tell the rest of the club yet until he hears what Palo has to say.

Coco gets upset, because he knows the Kings are going to try to change Bishop’s mind. He doesn’t care about the money; it should be more than that. He walks off and walks into Chucky because he didn’t see him. Frustrated, Coco pushes Chucky to the ground and leaves. Chucky gets up, upset and talking to himself as if it was his fault.

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There is still a lot of tension going on between Miguel and Emily. Emily goes to see Ileana, and finds out that she is leaving. She took a job near her sister and wants Emily and her family to stay away from her. Emily thinks back to the conversation she had with Miguel in the morning, and thinks he did or said something to get her to leave. She goes to the side door and lets EZ in and gives him the information that Miguel told her about Potter, and asks again that he promises nothing happens to Miguel. EZ promises.

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At Angel’s house, EZ shows him the information telling him that if they choose to use it, the Cartel can’t use the information to free Adelita. EZ says it is Angel’s choice. Before EZ even gets out the door, Angel tells him to call Potter, making his decision.

Dita and Felipe meet on the roof, and he asks her if she had anything to do with his wife’s death. She confesses, telling him that she wants to die but have him be the one to do it. She kisses him and leaves.

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While waiting for Potter, the brothers talk about why Angel decided to use the information Emily gave them. Angel said he thought about what Adelita would do. She would want him to save his father. When Potter pulls up, Angel asks if they can just shoot him, EZ tells him that’s Plan B. They hand Potter the envelope, and when he looks at the pictures, he gets rattled and attacks them. EZ tells Potter that he has until tomorrow night to deliver papers to his father, making him and their mother U.S citizens, or they show the information to his superiors.

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Felipe tells his sons about his encounter with Dita and that he will deal with it. EZ tells his dad no. Their dad gets mad and tells them in a stern voice, “Don’t disrespect me.” His sons leave to head back to the clubhouse.

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Bishop comes in and tells the guys that he was not with Galindo, but with Palo. Coco starts to interrupt angrily, but Bishop cuts him off with a threat. At the table, Bishop tells them something: you know they have a plan. When they get out of the room, Coco gets mad at the Kings and goes outside. Coco sees Chucky and goes to apologize. He hugs him and tells him that he loves him.

Miguel goes to see his mother, who is in bed writing letters. They talk, and she asks if she can miss the ceremony tomorrow, because she doesn’t feel up to it. As her son leaves the room, she tells him that she loves him, knowing it will be the last time that she will see him. The next day while doing errands, she sends her bodyguard in after the driver. Once he is in the store, she gets in the driver seat and races off.

Emily is giving the speech at the ground-breaking ceremony. You can tell by the look on the mayor’s face that she is not happy.

Chucky comes in and gives a note to Angel, and after the brothers read it, they rush off somewhere. In the desert, Dita and Felipe talk, and she tells him that she knows he can’t do it, so she sent for his sons. Without hesitation, EZ says he will do it. She has it all set up for it to look like a suicide. Angel takes their father back to his truck. Dita gets on her knees, takes off her wig, and prays. After she is done, EZ gets down on his knees telling her to look at him. Wrapping his hands around her neck, he strangles her with tears in his eyes. Once Dita is dead, Angel comes over and pours gasoline over her body, lighting her on fire.

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Later that evening at the table, they are voting for EZ to get his patch. Angel gives a very heartwarming speech,

“I didn’t want this for him. That’s why I was a shitty sponsor. EZ was supposed to be the one who got the fuck out. He had it all. But now, he belongs to us. This family. We need him. I need him.”

Angel goes out to get his bother telling him, “sorry, bro.” EZ walks in the room, and they tell him to take his kute off and put it on the table. As EZ is looking down at it. Taza places his top rocker down. Bishop tells him, “Welcome to the tribe.” They all take turns hugging him in congratulations. EZ is no longer a prospect!

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At the Galindo house, they are frantically trying to find Dita, when Emily comes downstairs, in tears, with a letter. They pull up to the spot in the desert and find her burned body. When Alvarez is looking around, and Nestor comes to see what he is doing, you can see the motorcycle tracks in the sand. Alvarez tells him to go tell Paco it is time and wipes his foot over part of the tracks.

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Now, back at home, Felipe hears a knock on his door. He sees an envelope under the front door. Sitting at the kitchen table to open it, Felipe sees that it is U.S citizenship for himself and his deceased wife Marisol.

The VM is having a birthday party for Palo’s grandmother, when the Mayans open fire, killing everyone inside. Taza looks longingly at a photo on the end table. I think that he has a deeper connection to the VM, and Palo, than has been revealed so far. They don’t notice Palo among the bodies, so they go search outside and the house. But Palo and his grandmother managed to escape.

While outside, Angel gets a picture text from Potter of a newborn baby. Potter then calls him, telling Angel that his son was born today. He continues to tell Angel that they are now connected.

“We share a common bond now. We both know the unbearable loneliness of losing the woman we love, and we both feel the primal familial pain every time we realize that our sons will never know who we are. Welcome to the tribe.”

Back in the house, they confirm that Palo got away. They get called to the kitchen and are looking down at a body. You can’t see who it is, but clear as anything, you can read what is on his kute: Sons of Anarchy California. In the shoot-out, they killed a member of the Sons. Who do you think it is?

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Thank you Kurt Sutter, Elgin James, JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Carla Baratta, Antonio Jaramillo, Raoul Max Trujillo, Richard Cabral, Emilio Rivera, Danny Pino, Edward James Olmos, Frankie Loyal, Vincent Vargas, Joseph Raymond Lucero, and all the rest of the cast and crew for a great season.

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See you in season three, where there is sure to be a war.

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