‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season Two Premiere Date Announced


Image Courtesy the CW.

Roswell, New Mexico have been anxiously waiting to learn the season two premiere date, and the day is finally here. Season two will premiere on Monday, March 16 at 9 p.m. ET. As many know, season one ended with the biggest of cliffhangers as main character Max Evans died resurrecting Rosa Ortecho, the deceased sister of Liz Ortecho.

We’ve seen a few glimpses of season two, but it remains to be seen of Max is well and truly gone. Also announced are titles of the first nine episodes, all keeping in line with the 90’s song theme.

Episode 1: “Stay (I Missed You)”

Episode 2: “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space”

Episode 3: “Good Mother”

Episode 4:”What If God Was One of Us”

Episode 5: “I’ll Stand By You”

Episode 6: “Sex and Candy”

Episode 7: “Como La Flor”

Episode 8: “Say It Ain’t So”

Episode 9: “The Diner”

Check back with us for the latest in Roswell news as we learn more about season two. Roswell, New Mexico will return to The CW on Monday, March 16.

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