Time for an Origin Story on ‘Batwoman’ Season 1, Episode 5, “Mine Is a Long and a Sad Tale”


Gather round, everyone. Are you ready to hear the story of what happened to Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole?

If you have not seen the episode, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

In one of Gotham’s morgues, someone is cutting a large rectangle of skin off the top part of the corpse’s legs. As a hand reaches to turn off the light, it reveals that it was Alice. What is she up to?

Catherine and Mary are walking, and Catherine admits to her daughter about the deer bones and telling them to lie about the DNA, wanting to give closure to Kate and Jacob. Mary is shocked that her mother could do such a horrible thing and runs from her.

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Mary gets drunk and goes to see Kate at Wayne tower and talks to Luke. Mary keeps drinking and asks Luke where Kate is. She feels so alone. Luke tries to call Kate and Mary takes the laptop and ends up trying to help. Mary feels like she is losing her family. She thinks Kate would rather be with Alice — a person who has killed people — than her, someone who hasn’t. 

While Alice is patching up Dobson, she asks what he told Kate. He assures her nothing. Alice then threatens off with your head if Dobson told her sister anything about the plan. All of a sudden, the lights go off. After beating up Alice’s henchmen, Batwoman cuffs her. Alice comes to, and Kate asks what the plan for the mouse is. Kate is still trying to reach and get through to Alice and get her sister Beth back. Kate wants to know what happened to her. She threatens to call her dad, who she knows will track the call and get them. Alice doesn’t think Kate will do it. Kate calls her dad and says that she is with Alice and hangs up, starting the clock. Alice agrees to tell her the story, but only if she takes her somewhere. On the drive, Alice starts her origin story. She continues it at a dive bar.

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After the accident, she woke up on a person’s couch. It was a man and his young son. He tells her that the police are coming, and she will be able to go home soon. When Beth and Johnny were upstairs, the news comes on the TV, saying that they are still searching for her. Beth looks to the man and says that she wants to call the police and tell them where she is. He says that she is not leaving and takes her to the basement, locking her in a room with a face in the sink. She would cry out for her dad to come to find her. 

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Kate drinks her beer and is about to ask another question when she feels lightheaded and passes out. When Kate wakes up, she is handcuffed in a basement room. She puts it together that Alice found the tracker on Dobson. Alice continues her story. 

One day, Beth pulls a rusty nail off the wall and picks the lock to get out of the basement room. She creeps upstairs and calls her dad on the phone, but she gets caught. The man knows that her dad would trace the call and find her. He told her that he will kill anyone that comes, and it will be because of her. When her dad and Kate get there, the man takes him upstairs tells him his son can mimic voices. Johnny doesn’t want to, but finally does to a disheartened Jacob. Meanwhile, Kate didn’t wait in the car. She went to the basement and called out Beth’s name. She puts her hands up against the door to where Beth is. Beth is quiet because of the threat. She is hoping that she will be able to tell that she is there. Her dad and sister leave. 

When Alice leaves, and Kate locks the door, it turns out that they are in the same house where Beth was held captive. 

Colonel Jacob Kane and Sophie track Kate’s phone and find her together. During the drive, Jacob tells Sophie about what Catherine did. When they get to the dive bar, they are greeted by gunfire from Alice’s henchmen and Dobson. After leaving the bar, Jacob notices what road they are on and realizes that he has to go back to that house. 

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Alice says, “Hi daddy,” and he asks where Kate is. Alice puts a knife to her wrist, tears falling down her face saying that he never cared. He reaches out to touch her cheek, and Alice stabs him in the stomach, her face going back to neutral. 

Kate uses a nail from her boot to escape the room and meets up with Sophie, who just had a run-in with Johnny. Kate comes in, holding Johnny with a gun to his head, seeing her father bleeding badly on the floor. Sophie points her weapon at Alice. They come to an agreement that everyone leaves; no one dies today. 

Alice and Johnny, who is actually mouse, are sitting in a candlelit room. She gives him a present: the skin pieces that he can use to cover the burn marks on his face. He has a gift for her too. It is the Alice in Wonderland book that he slid under the door when she was a little girl. She calls him brother, and they talk about their plans.

The episode ends with Kate and her dad on an overpass looking out and contemplating the events of the day. Kate’s voice is the voiceover to Bruce trying to figure out what to do next.

Watch the promo for next week’s episode below!

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