Only Hours Remain to Shop Michael Vlamis’ Merch and We’re Here to Help


If you’ve been holding out on ordering your Michael Vlamis merchandise for the final hours, now is the time to act! There are just hours left to snag that special item you’ve had your eye on as they sale ends Friday at noon PST. Need help deciding? Check out our analysis of available items below and then make sure you get that order in!

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Love Hurts Design

This gorgeous piece is minimalist fashion at its finest. The front displays a beautiful homage to Vlamis’ role as Michael Guerin on Roswell, New Mexico, his on-screen lover Alex Manes (played by the talented Tyler Blackburn), and their very complicated relationship. The image is a minimalist outline of Michael and Alex following their first kiss in 10 years. Scrolled elegantly down the right arm in Vlamis’ own hand is the simple yet all too phrase, “love hurts.” You can’t go wrong with this one, and it comes in a variety of color and style options including a hoodie, sweatshirt, and long sleeves!

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Boys Will Be Boys

The Boys will be Boys design is a must for every Roswell fan! Featuring art created by Soli, Michael and Alex reach for the stars together. The twist on the old adage was used to chastise boys for being ‘weak’ (aka showing emotion like a normal person) and flips it to lift up a message of inclusion. Girls, boys, and nonbinary folks throughout the fandom will love this beautiful art that comes in black, pink, or white, and as a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie.

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Happy Boy Tee

This item really sells itself, but I’ll take a crack at telling you why you need it anyway. Vlamis’ younger self stars on this awesome tee that comes in black or tie-dye (which really takes the shirt to a new level) and reminds us to embrace our inner child. Stay young, stay curious, and stay hungry.

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Michael Vlamis Signature

It’s hard to decide where to start with this piece; every aspect is pure perfection. From the color palette inspired by D.A.R.E to the signature itself to the “est. Tuesdays 9/8c” call out to Roswell, New Mexico, this is a staple piece every Vlamis fan must have in their closet. Wear it wherever you go to show the world that though Vlamis will soon to be a household name, you were an OG fan.

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Fake Vlamis and Real Vlamis Starter Pack

Vlamis’ latest newsletter explains the origin story of the Real Vlamis vs. Fake Vlamis debate (if you haven’t signed up, do so here). These handy starter packs offer you both options and feature a chapstick with the Vlamis of your choice as well as a Michael Vlamis signature sticker and Vlamis pin. It’s a whole lot of Vlamis that you really, really need!

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MV Beanie

Vlamis has you covered from head to toe, literally. This beanie is a must-have for fans living in the northern, snow drenched areas of the world (or for anyone who loves a good beanie). This one will arrive just in time for the winter weather, so if you do live in the north, I recommend getting one in each color so you’ll never be without an MV beanie! Whether you opt for classic white or bright, vibrant pink or yellow, you’ll turn heads sporting this fashion forward item.

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MV Dad Hat

Are you a dad? Do you know a dad? Do you have a dad? Do you prefer ball caps to beanies? If you answered yes to any one of those questions then this hat is for you. Sport this stylish item everywhere (ok maybe not everywhere) to keep Vlamis with you wherever you are. Throw it on as you walk out the door to step up your fashion game. Pro Tip: Wearing the MV Dad Hat with any Vlamis shirt doubles your style points.

Courtesy of Michael Vlamis, Blank Clo.

The Dream Big Poster

For anyone who ever feels down, this Dream Big poster featuring Vlamis at varying ages will inspire everyone. Hang it in your room (maybe on the ceiling?) to start every day with a little dose of Vlamis inspiration!

Courtesy of Michael Vlamis, Blank Clo.

The Heartthrob Poster

The Self-proclaimed heartthrob that he is, Vlamis encourages every fan to have their very own poster of him looking his heartthrobbiest. Get one now and maybe, if Vlamis ever attends any cons (fingers crossed) you’ll already have the perfect item for him to sign.

Courtesy of Michael Vlamis, Blank Clo.

Michael Vlamis Signature Kids Sweatshirt

Even the littlest Vlambase members can show their love of the best supporting actor nomination nominee with this stylish kids sweater. The whole family can sport their Vlamis fashion pieces together. Pro tip: Get a sweatshirt for every family member and use them for your next family portrait!

So there you have it folks, a breakdown of every Vlamis item. All items were created in partnership with BlankClo, and no matter what combination of items you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Make sure you act quickly though, these beauties are only available through this Friday, November 8! That’s right, just 72 hours left.

Additionally, all profits will be donated to Random Acts, an amazing organization working to help others with random acts of kindness, so you get both fabulous Vlamiswear and help a charity all in one shot. All items are available on the Michael Vlamis website now, so get shopping and tell us what your favorite item is in the comments below!

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