‘Mayans M.C.’ Season Two, Episode Four Recap: “Lahun Chan”


Well prospects, after the ending of last week’s episode that had Angel and EZ in Happy’s home holding him at gunpoint. You know that this week some truths will be revealed, but which ones?

If you have not seen the episode there will be spoilers beyond this point.

During the long drive going to meet with Paloma, Adelita and Miguel have a heart to heart about family and choices. Because they are driving one of the vehicles the mercenaries put a tracking device on, it alerts them to their movement. When Adelita and Miguel are warned to them coming, she makes a split decision and asks for two guns. Before running off into the nearby store, she tells Miguel, “You found me.” That makes him worried, and Alvarez has to drag him away. They all begin to shoot at each other, making sure to take wide shots as Alvarez goes into the store. The mercenaries get there and ask what is happening when Miguel tells them that based on a tip, they have found Adelita. Alvarez comes out with Adelita subdued, the mercenaries cuff her and put her in the back of their vehicle, leaving behind a distraught Miguel.

Emily drops Dita off at her first therapy appointment before going to drop off her proposal, but Dita has other plans. The therapist comes out, and Dita tells her that she is going to pay her $2000 a week and to tell her family that she is doing fine if they ask, then she continues going upstairs to the roof.

Felipe shows up shortly after and tells him the truth about what happened in the fire. Dita felt that she had nothing left, so when she saw the flames, she thought it was coming for her and ignored the evacuation and hid from her son. Saved by a young firefighter, Dita took that as a sign that there was more to do. She goes off on a tangent and mentions that she didn’t have to get a paternity test done, that she knew Miguel was Felipe’s son. Apparently, their past bond and love for one another were more involved than earlier thought. An alarm goes off in her purse, and Dita leaves telling Felipe until next time. I guess he is going to be her weekly appointment. In the car, after asking how the session went, Emily notices Felipe’s truck. Back at home, Emily goes through Dita’s nightstand and finds that photo that confirms her suspicions.

Taking a break on their way back to Santo Padre after Medina’s funeral, the Mayans M.C. have a run-in with the Swole Boys who are revving their bikes waiting for them to leave. The Swole Boys follow them onto the highway and knock Riz off his bike causing him to crash, saying it was payback. Creeper pulls the van over and starts shooting at the other club as they drive off, Bishop calls the local Sons of Anarchy chapter run by Packer to see if they know who they are.

The Mayans and Sons go to the Swole Boys gym that they also use as a clubhouse they talk, and Bishop finds out that Angel and EZ had a run in and that is what caused this interaction. Packer says that he will have a sit down with the Swole Boys and get things straightened out. Before they leave, Riz shots one of them in the leg as payback for getting pushed off the road. Heading back to their bikes, Bishop stops Coco telling him to find Angel, who has some explaining to do.

Handling their business, Angel and EZ have tied up and gagged Happy as they search his home for any information with Happy’s dog barking at them. When they don’t find anything, EZ sits in front of Happy and tells him the story of that night, “I know you are the one who killed our mother.” When Happy remains silent, Angel punches him and puts his cigarette out on his chest. EZ asks if it was the cartel if Galindo put the hit out on their mother which confuses Angel. In the kitchen, EZ tells Angel about the information he found in their dad’s lockbox, including their parents’ real names. After he absorbs the information, Angel punches EZ, and they fight as Happy looks on and smirks.

The brothers sit on the floor holding frozen food to their bruised faces and talk about their dad and feelings, to which Happy makes a sarcastic comment. Storming out of the kitchen, Angel looks at the smiley face tattoos and says “Those are for his kills I wonder which one is mom’s”, EZ hands his brother the knife saying “Your pick.” Happy is yelling out in pain as Angel carved off one of the smile tattoos, but he still won’t answer the questions. The brothers are impatient, and Angel pushes his gun into the open wound as the dog continues to bark in the background.

What finally gets Happy to cooperate was threatening to kill the dog brutally, EZ finds the information as Angel gives food and water to the now settled dog. Happy tells them to look at the last few pages showing that both parents were supposed to die that night, but he messed up and told them that he did kill their mother and the night he ran from EZ he thought it was someone from the cartel coming to kill him, after that he patched SAMCRO. The SOA prospect is knocking on Happy’s door to check on him since he didn’t answer the phone. When EZ opens the door for him, Angel, Happy and the dog are sitting down as nothing happened. Before the brothers head out, Happy tells them that he will find out what he can from Packer, but after that, they are clean.

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