New Trailer for ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ Game Released


The long-awaited trailer for the PlayStation game The Last Of Us Part II was finally released. Fans have been waiting not only for the trailer but for more information about this addition to the popular first version of the game.

PlayStation revealed that the game will be released on February 21, 2020, and will be available for the PS4 exclusively. Developers have been working on the game for five years, and the release was pushed further and further into the future for several reasons. Now, fans will finally find out how the story deals with the two survivors in a post-apocalyptic America. Joel and Ellie worked together on a journey towards a safe place and a possible cure for the plague that nearly killed all of humanity.

The game will be releasing several special editions, all of which you can check out on the official PlayStation blog, here.

Watch the trailer for The Last Of Us Part II below and check back here for more updates!

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