‘Mayans M.C.’ Season Two, Episode Three Recap: “Camazotz”

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After the tragic loss of a Mayans member from the Stockton chapter, this week saw the club seeking retribution for their fallen brother. Are you ready, Prospects?

If you have not seen the episode, there will be spoilers beyond this point.

With Bishop and both charter members at the table, they vote for going after the dirty cops that killed Medina. Santo Padre will take care of the majority of it, so it doesn’t blow back the local club. Bishop tells them to be seen and heard so they cannot be accused.

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It’s brought up that if the dirty cops saw EZ, he could be on their clean up list. EZ says he will be bait in order to draw them out, but Bishop wants to use the girl, Hope, since she is the one that was with them. Because Hope needed her next fix, she agreed to be bait. EZ finds out that Bishop was Medina’s sponsor. Later he tells EZ the story of Medina’s patch in, and you feel responsible for the ones you bring in, ending by telling EZ to stay close. Upon hearing the story, EZ turns to his big brother and asks if he wants to know why he went to Bishop to be his new sponsor. But, Angel cuts him off, admitting that it hurt that he did that.

At the place they planned everything, Coco goes up to EZ and mentions that they are going to kill a cop today. He knows that with EZ’s memory, the killing can be a trigger, so if he has doubts about any of this, he should walk away now. Angel comes up, and asks what they are talking about. EZ mentions what is supposed to happen will happen. Angel looks at Coco and asks what he has been teaching him.

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Hope begins to freak out and panic, because she doesn’t know who they are and isn’t as familiar with them as she is with the Stockton club. While she’s panicking, she says that she can’t do this. EZ takes Bishops place, kneeling in front of her, and introduces himself. Angel introduces himself next, along with the rest of the club, as Bishop looks on.

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They watch Hope as a vehicle shows up. Unfortunately, it’s only O’Grady, one of the cops. He is suspicious that Hope wants him to go into the warehouse with her to get the phone, so O’Grady grabs her and holds her at gunpoint as insurance. When the club has him surrounded, he lets her go, and Bishop walks up to O’Grady and pistol whips him. They tie him to a chair while figuring out the next plan to get Pollen at his house. O’Grady tries to talk through the gag, but the club cannot hear him, so they remove it. He tells them that Pollen doesn’t live there anymore; it’s just his wife and kids, and he has messed their lives up enough.

When it’s dark, they go to Pollen’s mother’s house, where he’s staying since she’s out of town. Hope draws him outside so the guys can break in through the back and surprise him. It doesn’t go quite to plan. When they break in, Pollen’s mother is in the kitchen cooking. She charges at them with a knife, swinging it in the air. It lands in Gilly’s leg before they can subdue her. The noise in the house from the commotion causes Pollen to run in before the club can do anything to him. Hope knocks him out with a crystal bowl. Ignoring her unconscious son sprawled out on the floor, Pollen’s mother starts to yell about the bowl and attacks Hope. Coco comes in and says “Hey” to get the mother’s attention. When she looks up, he shoots her between the eyes. Then looks at the guys and says a saying he hasn’t in quite a few episodes, “My bad.”

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When Pollen regains consciousness, the first thing he sees is his mother’s dead body. Then he notices he’s hanging upside down. All he can make out is the headlights of motorcycles and the outline of club members pointing their guns at him. It’s hard to see their faces, but you can tell it’s the Stockton charter members getting retribution for their fallen brother Medina. They all open fire, hitting Pollen.

Miguel is having his coffee while watching his wife stress smoke outside. He tells Alvarez that Emily was hurt by the betrayal from the bids. Alvarez tells him that they have visitors. When they walk out, Potter is waiting with his associates and wants Miguel to go with him. He kisses his wife and whispers in Alvarez’s ear to check on their queen and new friend before leaving with Potter. Once they reach their destination across the border, you see that Potter has taken Miguel to a candlelight vigil, where a woman is speaking to the crowd. They think that Adelita recruited the woman — Paloma — to be a voice for her cause, and he wants Miguel to get her bloody.

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Waking up alone and hearing noises, Mini leaves the room to go look for Adelita. The further she gets in the hall, the louder a woman’s scream becomes. Thinking it’s Adelita, Mini opens the door, only to find one of the girls that work in the brothel in bed with a man going down on her. The man sees the scars on Mini’s face and calls her a freak, which upsets her. All she wants is to be pretty like Adelita. When Alvarez checks in with Adelita, she tells him what happened, and she forgets Mini is young and vulnerable. Alvarez sits next to Mini, shows her a scar on his leg, and proceeds to tell her about all the scars he has.

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In a heartwarming moment that ends with Mini hugging him, he tells her:

“These marks are a reminder of who we are. We’re survivors. We’re strong. Brave. You’re not a mouse, Mini. You’re a lion. That’s why people turn away from you. From me. From Adelita. Power intimidates them. They see us and know we will never retreat. Don’t hide that. Own who you are. All of it. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.”

Alvarez goes to visit Felipe at his butcher shop after hours. Alvarez reassures Felipe that his sons are alright, and that’s not why he’s there. We have to remember that before Alvarez was working for the Galindo’s, he was one of the top members of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. Alvarez tells him that if Dita ever found her way there again, to call, and they will come to get her and not to do the right thing by driving her home. In typical Reyes fashion, Felipe makes a sarcastic comment about how his security team could lose an injured elderly woman.

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Emily tells her husband that she found out Iliana and her family lost everything in the fires and borrowed money from Emily’s mother. Emily wants to use this to her advantage, and offers to help Iliana get back on her feet in exchange for information on the other bids. Miguel points out that it’s a bribe, and he’s surprised she is acting this way. He wants Emily to keep her hands clean, and let him handle it. This enrages Emily. She says that this is how she can help, and then suggests that she should buy her own raincoat. So, I guess that is confirmation that she knows what Miguel does to people when he wears his raincoat. Emily offers to drive Iliana home when she gets off work. On the drive, Emily apologizes for cutting herself off from Iliana. Iliana has been staying in a motel since the fires. Emily asks Nestor to give them a moment alone. Emily hands her friend an envelope with a cheque in it for $50,000 and says that they can help each other.

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Shocked, Iliana doesn’t want to be part of it, making Emily panic, telling her that she is just trying to find her place. Emily grabs Iliana’s hand, asking her to take the money so at least she can undermine her mother. After tucking in her child, Iliana calls Emily and says she will need some more help getting back on her feet, and if she can, she will help Emily. The next day, Iliana gives Emily a book with cue cards in it that has the information on the other bids.

Alone in her room, Dita calls Felipe/Ignacio, telling him he has been on her mind and in her dreams, hinting at a romantic relationship they used to have. After the phone call, Felipe pulls some letters out of a book and looks over them longingly. We hear the voiceover in Dita’s voice reading what is written on the paper, revealing they are love letters to Felipe. He looks at the urn housing his late wife’s ashes, says he’s sorry. Does this mean Felipe cheated on his wife, or was this before he had met her?

Everyone is gathered in the Stockton charters clubhouse to pay their respects to Medina. His casket is open, and when each person goes up they place a memento in Medina’s casket. Happy and Quinn walk in, representing SAMCO to pay their respects. As they do, Angel is giving the dirtiest look at Happy. If looks could kill, I think Happy would have dropped dead right then and there.

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Angel goes to talk to Bishop about going with EZ to do the parole paperwork, and they would be back in a few days. Before he walks off, Angel thanks Bishop for working with EZ. As the brothers ride to their destination, they pass a familiar road marker, JT 11-13-93 — the place where Jax Teller’s father, John Teller, died.

The episode ends with Happy coming home to a barking dog. When he says his dog’s name, I’m pretty sure there was a collective gasp, and maybe a tear or two, in the fandom. He named his dog Ope, after Opie Winston, who was a beloved character in Sons of Anarchy that tragically died in season five, episode three, “Laying Pipe.” As Happy comes in and sees his dog, you can tell he notices something is off. He doesn’t get time to react, though, because he’s not alone. Suddenly, Angel and EZ come out, pointing guns at Happy’s head as the episode fades to black.

What did you think of this week’s Mayans M.C episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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