‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Poster Revealed

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Courtesy of The CW/WB
Image Courtesy The CW.

The final season of Supernatural is just around the corner, and The CW has released the first poster for season 15. This may be the most intricately detailed art we have seen from all 14 seasons of this amazing show.

Image Courtesy The CW.

Front and center are the characters we have come to love, Sam and Dean Winchester, their constant friend and confidant Castiel, and the innocent yet powerful nephilim Jack. Interestingly, Castiel is not wearing his classic trench coat. Could this hint at some change for the character in this final season?

Image Courtesy The CW.

The tag line at the top, “As it is written, so it shall end” carries heavy weight as we know this is the last season, the end of the road for our beloved hunters. Could this hint at a new script from author Chuck Shurley aka God?

Image Courtesy The CW.

Below their images we see Baby, the 1967 Chevy Impala, on the proverbial “highway to hell” complete with flames on the asphalt road. Also visible on the hood of the car is a crow perched atop a skull.

Image Courtesy The CW.

Above Baby on the highway is the image of a stairway leading to a bright light, perhaps the “stairway to heaven”. The image is wrapped in beautifully detailed black angel wings with angels on either side in a classically biblical depiction. At the heart of the heavenly light is the anti-possession symbol that has become synonymous with the beloved television show. Overlapping the stairway is the faint image of an intricate devil’s trap, reminiscent of those we saw in earlier seasons of the series.

The overall coloring of the poster echoes the tones of a sunset, an apt representation of the beginning of the end of Supernatural. It is truly an excellent poster and one worthy of the 15th and final season of this amazing show we have all come to love. Stay tuned with us for more details of the last season as they are revealed.

Supernatural will return for season 15 Thursday, Oct 10 on The CW.

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