‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Welcomes Cassandra Jean Amell to the Cast


Image Courtesy IMDB.

With season two underway, it was announced yesterday that Roswell, New Mexico is welcoming seasoned actress Cassandra Jean Amell (Supergirl, Arrow) to season two of the show. It is unclear whether her character will have any relation to our favorite onscreen aliens, but her character is reportedly “named Louise, an alien seeking refuge in 1947 Roswell, the year of the real-life UFO incident there.” According to IMDB we will see Louise for the first time in episode four, “What If God Was One of Us.”

Image Courtesy IMDB.

The announcement comes just one week after we learned that Justina Adorno (Grand Hotel) will also join the cast as a “witty, sharp-tongued, well-educated young woman, who isn’t afraid to express her opinions — even though they tend toward controversial in some circles. Steph never apologizes for being her entire self.” Steph will arrive in episode two, “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.”

We will continue to bring you the latest in Roswell, New Mexico news as we learn more about season two. Roswell will return early next year on the CW.

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