‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 “Dig Me Out”


As they face the dark triad, our favorite Roswell heroes are down two after both Michael and Max lost their powers. Let’s jump into what happened this week on Roswell, New Mexico.

Liz in the Big City

Michael Moriatis/The CW

Following Max’s solo decision to rid himself of his powers by kissing Bonnie, Liz is unsurprisingly upset that they are now down two aliens in the fight against the dark triad. She feels like his decision is all about him and he’s forgotten Tezca wants to use her too. When Shivani mentions she’s acquired a cryogenics company in New York and is headed there, Liz tags along to pay Rosa a much overdue visit. Rosa is thriving in the artsy world of New York and they join Shivani for a sunset dinner at a rooftop restaurant. It’s not long before Liz overtakes Rosa’s art talk with science and Rosa, feeling hurt, excuses herself for the night.

Liz finds her back at her apartment and apologizes. She felt out of her comfort zone with art and turned it back to science. Rosa forgives her, but it’s clear Rosa’s talk of fractal patterns triggered an idea for Liz with her current attempts to repair damaged tissue.

Isobel Guides Dallas Through His Memories

Michael Moriatis/The CW

Dallas’ memories are locked inside his mind thanks to Theo’s attempt to protect him, so Isobel decides to help him uncover those memories using the entire spectrum of elements (but mostly water). The two climb into a small pool together to help Dallas’ abilities hone in on his hidden memories and enter the mindscape.

Within those memories, the two discover that Theo, Louise, Nora, and Roy were working to undermine Jones. Roy tried to buy land for him and Louise to have their own farm but kept getting denied. He wants somewhere for he and Louise to raise their family and where Nora can work (on what, we have yet to discover but Michael’s working theory is a ship). Roy also tells Theo that Nora wants him to reconsider letting Dallas out of the pod after what happened “with her daughter and her teacher back on Oasis” (an interesting bit of information for Isobel to hear). Louise and Nora chose to keep their children inside their pods for safety but Theo wants to teach and raise him. Late one night, Jones shows up demanding Theo’s mystery work in his bible which is still incomplete. As little Dallas hides he accidentally drops a toy making it all too clear that Jones knows he is there. Jones uses that against Theo who locks those memories away and takes Roy’s advice on where to hide Dallas. He also decides to hide his glasses so only Dallas can find them, at the bottom of a local lake.

Just before this discovery, Isobel gets a quick flash of herself as a child being trained by Tezca, something that’s sure to come back in the coming episodes. After uncovering the location, Isobel and Dallas head to the lake where Dallas pulls a Jesus and parts the lake waters, and retrieves Theo’s glasses. He now holds the key to discovering the instructions his father was working on.

Maria Makes a Shocking Discovery

Michael Moriatis/The CW

After several odd occurrences around her, Maria takes Mimi’s ashes into the desert and attempts to reach her. She asks for a sign and a feather lands near her. Excited she looks around to realize there is a bird’s nest nearby and gives up on the endeavor. That night at the Pony, her calculator spells “hello” instead of displaying the math she was doing and the jukebox kicks on as lights flicker. Maria she leaves in favor of working at the Crashdown after hours. When Liz returns, they notice a messy shake that no one actually made. Liz tastes it and remarks how odd it is that it’s bananas foster ranch and suddenly the clues fall into place. That shake is Alex’s favorite. Mimi’s chicken dumpling soup is Alex’s favorite, Alex is an airman, and the song at the Pony was one from the first band Alex, Maria, and Liz ever saw in concert. Alex, not Mimi, is the one haunting her. Both women realize (as we all internally panic) that a haunting means Alex must be dead.

The Dark Triad Splinters

Max, Michael, and Bonnie hatch a new plan to convince Clyde that Tezca has strayed from their path. Michael is certain that a spaceship must be the final piece of the puzzle for Clyde who wants to return home. They hope to regain his trust and uncover what he knows about said ship’s location. Michael and Bonnie find Clyde talking to Jones’ ashes and creepily running them through his fingers in the desert. He came from helping Tezca recover from Liz’s poison knife. Michael and Bonnie tell him that Tezca tried to kill Bonnie who ran to Max in fear of Tezca. Clyde concedes that Tezca doesn’t listen to him and Michael plants the seed of cutting her out of the quest to go back to Oasis.

Clyde shares that Tezca believes there is a connection to Roy’s purchasing land in 1947 and the final piece Jones tasked them to acquire. Max and Michael find themselves elbow-deep in records with nothing to show for it. Every inquiry Roy made was declined because he was black. That’s when Michael realizes Roy would have used a different name, perhaps Sanders who was a young boy to purchase the land. Sanders confirms that Roy purchased 13 acres of land under his name comprised of “a couple of underground caves” and infertile land with no water sources. With this confirmed, Bonnie volunteers to distract Clyde while Michael, Max, and Isobel investigate. In one of those caves, they find Tezca’s hideout.

Tezca and Isobel fight after Max and Michael are knocked out with tranquilizer gun darts. Max manages to shoot Tezca just before she kills Isobel who got another quick memory flash. She’s certain she knows Tezca somehow. As Max and Michael talk, they realize that Clyde knew Tezca would be there which means Bonnie going to distract him was a bad idea. He sets off to warn her.

Dallas and Bonnie Meet an Unexpected Fate

Dallas sets off to follow the instructions his father left for him now that he has both the bible and glasses. He finds himself in the same empty field where Tezca sent Alex into the quicksand. He throws a stone in the “cosmic quicksand” and sets about figuring out what it means in the book.

Just as he’s about to find answers, Clyde and Bonnie arrive. Clyde watched as Dallas discovered the glasses at the lake and followed him to the desert then tricked Bonnie into joining him on a walk there. Clyde demands the glasses and bible, the real final piece to his puzzle. Dallas refuses, but when Clyde threatens to kill Bonnie he hands them over. Clyde, truly proving which side he is on, goes back on his word and sends them both down into the depths of the quicksand. Dallas wakes up on a hard sandy ground where he finds Alex’s alien glass necklace. His father appears before him and simply states “your journey is just beginning.”

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage of the show here including recaps, synopses, and episodic photos as they become available.

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