‘Mayans M.C.’ Season Two, Episode One Recap: “Xbalanque”

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Alright prospects, are you ready for this?

What once many years ago was dubbed “Teller Tuesdays”, when Sons of Anarchy was on the air, remains the night when Kurt Sutter and now Elgin James fans come together for their love of the mythology and story they bring to our screens.

Season two of the epic drama Mayans M.C. is back on FX, and according to what some cast members have said, this season only gets darker. The series is set in the fictional California/Mexico border town of San Padre, California. The series follows EZ Reyes (JD Pardo) after being released after serving eight years of his prison sentence and tries to get his life back in order…but nothing ever goes according to plan, does it?

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The last season ended with a cliff hanger that left more questions than answers. EZ, ignoring what his brother asked of him, decided to stay in the M.C. and asked Bishop (Michael Irby) to be his sponsor. When Angel (Clayton Cardenas) asked Bishop if his brother talked to him, he figured it was for what he told his brother to do, leave the club, but was surprised with being told that Bishop agreed blood can’t sponsor blood. After the brothers argue, a prospect from the Sons of Anarchy comes up asking for a different type of beer for the club member by the van. When EZ looks over to the van the expression on his face was as if he saw a ghost. It was in a matter of speaking, in a flashback to the night EZ was arrested for shooting and killing the cop, he was chasing after the guy who he remembers leaving the Reyes families butcher shop the night his mother was murdered. EZ called out to the guy right before he was arrested and we finally see his face –and it is a familiar face. The face belongs to Happy (David Labrava), long-time member of the Sons of Anarchy. So did Happy kill EZ and Angels mother?

Courtesy of FX / Mayans M.C.

If you have not seen the episode there will be spoilers beyond this point.

EZ is driving a school bus while Coco (Richard Cabral) is sitting and entertaining the kids by blowing smoke rings. When they get to their destination, before EZ gets out, he draws a smiley face. He still has who Happy is on his mind. Turns out the club is using the school bus full of kids as a cover to go where they are making and housing the drugs, hiding them in bookbags. Bishop wants EZ to remember how the bricks are packaged because there was a problem with a previous shipment –it was tainted and killed three inmates.

To keep up appearances and show Potter (Ray McKinnon) that they are all still on the same page about ending the rebels and their leader Adelita (Carla Baratta), some of the club goes with the mercenaries Potter hired to attack an outpost. But really, it is a place that deals in trafficking. They kill everyone in the house, but the mercenaries find little mouse aka Mini (Melany Ochoa) watching them from the rocks. They tie her up saying they will question her and treat her as a killer, not a child, as the club looks on. Not wanting that to happen, the club goes in and kills the mercenaries to free her. During the altercation, one guy is about to go after Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) but EZ jumps him and they fight. Coco goes to help EZ and shoots the guy, but Bishop stops him wanting EZ to finish it himself, and he does by strangling him.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Adelita is pregnant, and leaves fans wondering if the father is Angel or it even gives a small hint of Galindo (Danny Pino) possible being the father. With everything, I am sure time will reveal who the father is. Potter goes to visit Felipe (Edward James Olmos) and calls him Ignacio, which is his real name, so you know that Potter is up to no good. But what does he want with Felipe? When EZ and his father are talking about the Potter visit, he asks how long it has been since he talked to Angel. Revealing that it has been almost eight months, it means that EZ’s time as a prospect is almost up as well

Later, EZ meets with a police officer he went to high school with and gets intel on Happy for his box of information about the guy that looks to have killed his mother. There is more confirmation to this theory when Felipe comes to talk to his sons and Chucky (Michael Ornstein) goes to tell him they are out. Happy asks who the old man is with a slight look concern, almost fear on his face and then learns that both his sons are Mayans they leave quickly after that to go back to Charming.

When telling the rest of the club about what happened at the fake outpost, Angel gets upset that it could fall back to Adelita twisting the blame to the prospect, you can tell everyone at the table is getting tired of the beef between the brothers. When the charters are there about the tainted drugs, Bishop calls in EZ to pick which brick is different and to be tested. When the brick that he picked gets tested it turns blue, meaning it has been tainted, they find out which guy has been doing it and deal with him by injecting the tainted drugs in him. Before EZ takes off for the night, he is told to fix whatever is going on between himself and Angel.

In Charming, we see Happy in his home opening a locked chest and remove a lot of weapons to find a file. In the file is information and pictures of both Angel and EZ’s mother and father, Happy looks behind him as he hears a door knock. The next shot shows EZ knocking on a door as well, but it is Angel’s door. Not wanting to talk to him Angel tries to brush his brother off, EZ says he doesn’t care about the votes, it’s not about them or their dad–it’s about their mom. He knows who killed her.

What are your thoughts on the first episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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