Jason Ralph’s Sleep Out Campaign Raises Funds with ‘The Magicians’ Inspired Ring


Image Courtesy IMDB.

The Magicians star Jason Ralph is once again taking part in the annual Sleep Out challenge in support of Covenant House.

For the fifth time, Ralph will spend one night sleeping on the streets in an effort to raise awareness for homeless youths.

Covenant House is a non-profit who works to provide housing and support services for homeless and trafficked young people in America. They offer both immediate and long-term care and housing with an aim to assist as many as possible. Covenant House reaches approximately 80,000 youths each year.

So what is Sleep Out? It’s not a “challenge” like the recent internet fads or about pretending to be homeless. Rather, it is a show of solidarity and support that shows these young people that their future matters.

Fans of Quentin Coldwater, Ralph’s character on The Magicians, will remember the comical scene of Quentin loudly singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” in an attempt to attract traveller and mind-reader Penny to his dream world. In honor of the show and in cooperation with Ralph, As You Wish Custom Designs is donating $15 of every purchase of the “Shake it Off” wrap ring.

Image Courtesy As You Wish Custom Designs

Ralph’s Sleep Out event is scheduled for August 19, so be sure to snag your ring or donate to his event page before the deadline!

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