‘Mayans MC’ at San Diego Comic-Con

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This is the second year at San Diego Comic-Con for the hit biker drama Mayans MC. In preparation to get attendees ready for their return, fans could visit the FX Fearless Forum on Saturday and get a temporary tattoo to show their commitment to the club.

At the panel, they talked about the upcoming season two and what is expected for their characters. For JD Pardo, it is about how easily his character EZ falls into his position and club life. He wants to belong and be a part of something. Since being released from prison, EZ has to find his way in this new life. He lost the love of his life, betrayed his brother, and is now on a quest to find the killer of his mother. “There is no turning back.” Each character has layers that we have yet to see, and Danny Pino (Miguel Galindo) enjoys his characters range. They also had some fun when mentioning Gino Vento’s (Nestor, Galindo’s right hand man) “incredible” hair from season one. It was also hinted that there is a chance that some more members of Sons of Anarchy could make an appearance.

Sarah Bolger (Emily Thomas) talks about her character going from an in-love teen with plans, to becoming Galindo’s wife and a mother. In season one she was more of a bystander, but in season two we see her, like EZ, settle into her new role quickly.

As to how season two will look, Edward James Olmos (Felipe Reyes) had this to say:

Kurt Sutter and Carla Baratta couldn’t make it to the panel but send their regards. Clayton Cardenas (Angel Reyes), Michael Irby (Obispo ‘Bishop’ Losa), Emilio Rivera (Marcus Alvarez), Raoul Max Trujillo (Che ‘Taza’ Romero), Antonio Jaramillio (Michael ‘Riz’ Arica), Frankie Loyal (Hank ‘Tranq’ Loza), Vincent Vargas (Gilberto ‘Gilly’ Lopez), Joseph Raymond Lucero (Neron ‘Creeper’ Vargas), Michael Ornstein (Chuck ‘Chucky’ Marstein), plus co-creator Elgin James and director Kevin Dowling were also at the panel.

Mayans MC returns to FX on Tuesday, September 3, but you can watch the season two trailer below!

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