Nintendo Announces New Console Nintendo Switch Lite

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Image Courtesy Nintendo.
Image Courtesy Nintendo.

Nintendo announced their latest console – Nintendo Switch Lite – a scaled down version of the Nintendo Switch, that is intended solely for hand-held gaming. The controllers that are detachable on the Switch will be fully built in, and the screen will be slightly smaller, 5.5 inches instead of the 6.2 inches players are used to.

According to Nintendo, the new console will be compatible to all existing Switch-games, though users will have to buy separate Joy-Con controllers to be able to play games that specifically call for them. There’s no need to worry, all Switch games carry indications as to if they are playable in portable mode on the physical copies. By the time the Lite hits shelves there will also be warnings in the Nintendo eShop to warn users who try to buy a game that is incompatible with a Lite without additional accessories.

While the Lite does not come with the HD Rumble feature or the IR motion camera, you will still be able to enjoy both online play as well as the local wireless feature, which allows you to link up to eight other Switch or Switch Lite consoles. The battery life will also last longer, which is likely due to the smaller screen rather than an increase in battery capacity.

Image Courtesy Nintendo.

Retail price will be $199.99, $100 cheaper than the Switch. The Lite will be available on September 20, in yellow, grey, and turquoise. If players are willing to wait they can also get a special Pokémon: Sword or Pokémon: Shield version, both of which will be available as the games launch on November 8.

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