Our Favorite Moments From ‘Supernatural’ Season 14: Rowena MacLeod

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As the struggle continues through the summer Supernatural “hellatus,” we are taking a look at our favorite moments from season 14, this time with a look at Ruth Connell’s Rowena MacLeod.

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Rowena has grown to be one of my favorite characters. She remains sassy and clever, often putting one over on those around her. She has gone from manipulative and scheming, to using her magic to actually help others. It’s obvious that she has grown to care about the Winchesters, and even though Jack is still somewhat new to her, she cares about him, too.

I absolutely loved Ruth Connell’s performance in the episode “Absence.” After Jack blasts Mary away, he goes to Rowena for help. She showed a huge range of emotions over the span of minutes. There was fear, bravery, strategic planning, sympathy, and maybe even a little grief for Mary. I loved watching how she reacted to it all, and how she called the Winchesters as soon as she was set free. She makes selfless decisions now, and it makes me very curious to see what the final season has in store for one of the best witches on television!


We have seen Rowena range from trying to kill the Winchesters to actively helping them. Her redemption story did not feel forced and was incredibly believable. Rowena still has managed to keep her wit and sarcasm throughout it all.

My favourite Rowena moment for this past season was when she said “Yes” to Michael to save the Winchesters, Castiel, and Jack in “Ouroboros.” It showed that she does care for them, even though Death told her that Sam will ultimately end her life. It was well done to have Michael possess her and use her magic. I cannot wait to see what she does next season. The brothers will need her for sure.

Rowena and Jack
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Now that Rowena has become an honorary (and contributing) member of Team Free Will, it doesn’t surprise me that the boys have come to depend on her and her magic to help in times of trouble. It no longer surprises me when she helps them or offers suggestions of her own to combat what they’re fighting (ex: Michael, a gorgon, evil Jack).

This season, though, I was surprised by her reaction to Jack’s condition. She does what she can for him, but when she realizes he’s truly going to die and tells the boys there’s nothing they can do but be there for him, her heart is clearly breaking as much as the Winchesters’ and Castiel’s. In that scene from “Unhuman Nature,” I was taken off guard by how maternal she seemed. She was clearly despairing over losing another “son,” and it was a touching moment that showed how far her character had come. She no longer (always) puts herself first, and her feelings for our boys are evident.


To me, Rowena has grown to be one of my favorite characters on Supernatural. She has become one of the most strong-willed and tough women on the show. Although she is often shown plotting something sinister, when it really mattered she has always shown up for our boys, Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Jack.

A perfect example is in “Absence,” where she tries to help Jack with his soul when he shows up at her door before calling Sam and Dean to tell them he was with her. Our boys have grown to depend on Rowena and her magic, just as Rowena has grown to depend on them. This season has really come to show, in my opinion, Rowena’s growth and how much she has come to care about others.

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Rowena has changed many times over the course of Supernatural, but her dedication to Castiel and the brothers this season was something to note. She came to the rescue and tried to save Jack, even calling the brothers when she knew Jack had visited her to try a spell to save Mary. She has had her differences with the Winchesters, but despite the fact that she knows that Sam is the only one who can kill her, she decides to use her magic for good.

I really enjoyed watching her growth this season and hope we can see more of her next season!


For me, Rowena has one of the best character arcs in the series. Her character development through the years has been slow, steady, and written perfectly. Rowena went from looking out for only herself and wanting to kill the Winchesters to being an ally and member of the Castiel fan club.

Season 14 of Supernatural showed the audience Rowena’s true character. Despite her dark history with Lucifer, she was able to set aside her fear and hatred to help Jack. All she knew about Jack was that he was Lucifer’s son, but what she cared about was helping a child. When Jack started to slip into his darkness, Rowena was there again when they found out Mary died — the boys called, and Rowena answered. She showed her strength and courage when she was one-on-one with a very unstable Jack.

Rowena is one of the strongest characters on the show, and Ruth Connell knocked it out of the park this season.


From the first time Rowena was introduced, she’s been one of my favorite characters. She is such a powerful, strong character, and her character arc is one of my favorites from the show. My favorite Rowena moment from season 14 is when she made the decision to help heal Jack even though she knew the cost involved. Her decision exemplified how great her growth has been throughout the show. Rowena knew how much Jack meant to the brothers and Castiel, and choosing to save him demonstrated how willing she has become to help rather than hinder the Winchesters. She grew to love them in her own way, and I enjoyed watching her love manifest this season.

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