Lindsey Stirling Releases New Music Video ‘Underground’ from Upcoming Album

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Violinist, singer and songwriter Lindsey Stirling has released a new single “Underground” from her upcoming fifth album Artemis. Stirling’s music is a variety of classical, pop, rock, and electronic that create songs that tell a story and make you feel the emotions coming from the music. Artemis will tell the story of the Goddess of the Moon, who, in Greek mythology, is also the Goddess of hunting, forest, hills, and archery; the songs will also include Stirling’s personal experiences.

The music video features Stirling, who appears to be held in place underground by restraints while playing a silver sparkling violin that reminds you of the moon while looking up towards the sky. In shades of light are the dancers in restricted space looking for a way out. Then the Goddess of the Moon, fights to set them free. The look of the video is futuristic, from outfits to the violin she plays.

Further expanding on Artemis, Stirling says:

“One of the best examples of perseverance is the moon. Time and time again she gets covered in shadow and if one didn’t know better, it would sometimes seem as though she ceased to exist. There have been times of my life where I have felt completely overcome by the “shadow” of grief, or depression; I felt like I’d never feel full happiness again. But the moon has taught me a powerful lesson. Just because she gets covered in shadow doesn’t mean she isn’t still there… and that she won’t fight back to reclaim her full light. Artemis is the goddess of the moon. This album tells her story; it tells my story; I think it tells everyone’s story.”

Following the release of the album, Stirling will go on an international tour beginning August 10. Check the tour dates and locations on her website here.

Stirling’s new album Artemis will be available September 6. Watch the music video for “Underground” below!

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