Lindsey Stirling Releases Comic Book to Pair with Album, ‘Artemis’

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While fans of the electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling have long enjoyed her themed pop culture performances ranging across dozens of fandoms (Game of Thrones to Marvel, The Hobbit to Beauty and the Beast), today marks the release of her very own comic book, Artemis — and with it, a narrative that tells the story of Stirling’s latest album of the same name.

No spoilers, but the preview pages Stirling has released for Artemis certainly give off a grungy, post-apocalyptic feel.

She had this to say about the inspiration behind the name:

“As I began writing my album, I was searching for a name that meant bringer of light or daughter of light, and I came upon: Artemis. Sometimes I look up at the moon and am overcome by her bravery. Every night she fights the darkness alone; and even when she is only a weak, tiny sliver, she still has the courage to shine.”

Artemis is the first issue in a series of six comic books, and Stirling has already created music videos for album Artemis by embodying the main character she created for the comic.

Artemis is available for purchase here.

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