Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Michael Vlamis Wants YOUR Support

THE CWROSWELL, NEW MEXICOMichael Vlamis Wants YOUR Support

It’s not every day that an actor fresh off his first season as a supporting character in a television show gets nominated to be nominated for an Emmy. However it will come as no surprise to Roswell, New Mexico fans that Michael Vlamis (aka Michael Guerin) is aiming to do just that.

Hoping to clench a nomination for the ultra competitive Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category, Vlamis has taken to his social media to get the word out about his nomination to be nominated. Because, clearly the only way to win an Emmy is to launch a competitive social media campaign.

Image Courtesy Michael Vlamis.
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However, it does bring us to an extremely important question. Just how supportive is Michael Vlamis? Does his work on Roswell, New Mexico’s single season show the kind of acting chops typically associated with the honor of an Emmy nomination? Does his name fit in with past winners. Dinklage, Lithgow…Vlamis? We believe it does, and so does Vlamis. Check out the video below he made to demonstrate just how supportive he can be, not only on Roswell, but in all aspects of life. Be it physical, emotional, or monetary support, Vlamis truly has your back.

We think the Emmy voters should support Vlamis’ support campaign. Hey, we’re not above donning our alien masks and picketing with glowing green signs, but with his stellar, out-of-this-world campaign, we shouldn’t have to.

Join us in supporting Michael Vlamis supporting you.

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