‘The Blacklist’ Season Six, Episode 21 Recap: “Anna McMahon”

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Harry Lennix and Amir Arison in 'The Blacklist.' Courtesy of NBC.
Harry Lennix and Amir Arison in ‘The Blacklist.’ Courtesy of NBC.

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This episode begins with a man coming downstairs to ask his family what tie he should wear. His son helps him decide, and he leaves for his job.

President Diaz is walking in the White House, being briefed for meetings, when he stops to talk to Anna McMahon. Diaz asks about the dossier, and she says they haven’t gotten it yet. He threatens her that if they don’t get it, “Heads will roll.”

The man from earlier, known as Jonathan Grimm, gets a call from his friend Sam who asks him about the drive he received. As they speak, Keen is explaining to the team that they know where the dossier is and who has it. McMahon hired a finder and he told Anna where to find it, before he told Reddington. Parker Grimm is the boy who had the dossier slipped into his backpack by Bastien Moreau. Ressler notifies a SWAT team, and Aram tries to contact the family to warn them.

Harry Lennix and Jennifer Ferrin in ‘The Blacklist.’ Courtesy of IMDb.

At the Grimms’ house, Tammy, the wife, is about to leave, when Secret Service Agent Sanquist stops her and says that it’s about her son. Sam Whatley calls Adam and says that there is a plot against America on the drive, and Mr. Grimm needs to head there now. Aram tries calling Mr. Grimm, but he denies the call. At the Grimms’, Sandquist questions the boy and asks where the drive is, but Tammy says that they gave it to their friend to look at. Suddenly, her phone rings: it’s Aram, and she goes to answer, but the Agent stops her and demands the name of their friend. Aram asks why they can’t arrest Anna McMahon, but Cooper says that, without the dossier, they have no proof. Sandquist arrives at Sam’s house, and Sam says he doesn’t know why they are there. They let themselves in.

Mr. Grimm arrives at Sam’s to see a broken cup in his doorway and looks inside his window to see Sam being questioned by agents. SWAT, Keen, and Ressler arrive at the Grimm house to find the family gone. Back at Sam’s house, he is beaten and bloodied as he says what they see is all he has. Sandquist knows Sam only has the copy, but he wants the original. Sam, knowing what they’re planning and not cooperating, is disposed of by Sandquist’s agent.

At the Grimms’, Keen, Ressler, and Aram see Mr. Grimm coming home to take his family away. They see the dossier on the camera and believe he must know what’s on it. Aram asks why he wouldn’t call the police, but Cooper chimes in that he thinks he can’t trust anyone. They also see a Secret Service agent, Sandquist, arrive at their door an hour before. The team has to find the family, without alerting Anna or others who are a part of the conspiracy. The Grimms are believed to be laying low, and Liz might know a way to find them.

Liz leaves the Grimms’ as a woman walks past her, seemingly normal, but who is actually “eyes” for Sandquist and his team. She tells him the Grimms are gone, but the FBI is there. Sandquist gets a call from Anna and asks if he has found Grimm. She says that Reddington is the reason they are in this mess.

Liz arrives at Red’s, and Reddington is getting a massage. She makes him stop the massage as Liz needs to speak with Rogelio to find the Grimm family. They find Rogelio, but he isn’t happy to see Red. “Guess he is still angry.”

Rogelio wants Red to apologize about their past, but Red exclaims that Rogelio’s niece made Red lose his management team and hurt his business. Liz makes Red apologize, and Liz hands Rogelio the picture of the Grimms. Red says he needs to find this family and he needs Rogelio to put out the word to all his associates, whom Red will pay if one of his associates finds the family.

Anna arrives at Cooper’s office and is visibly angry. She asks about the Grimm family, and Cooper asks why his agents are being followed, since he didn’t tell her about their case. She wants answers, but Cooper tells her they are looking for the dossier to prove that she is conducting a conspiracy against the United States. She threatens to shut them down, but he isn’t phased and challenges her to try.

Liz sits down with Red after a phone call and tells him it was Scottie, Tom’s mother. They were supposed to meet to discuss Agnes. Liz is worried that if she brings Agnes home, the KGB or her mother might come after them. Suddenly, Rogelio arrives and says that he might have something. First, he makes Red apologize to his niece.

At the White House, Diaz’s wife comes downstairs as they prepare for the Veterans’ ceremony. Diaz gets a call from Anna as his wife gives him a stern warning. Anna tells him that Cooper knows about their plan but needs the dossier to prove it. She suggests they change their plan, but he is persistent that they stay on task.

Cooper calls Reddington and says they are being followed and he needs a location to help get Ressler and Keen backup, who have already arrived at the hotel. Cooper fears that Anna’s team will arrive, with no mercy.

Liz and Ressler are at the hotel and make their way inside the room. Ressler is attacked from behind by Jonathan, and Liz finds Tammy and Parker hiding in the closet. Liz stops Ressler from hurting Mr. Grimm, and he says he can’t trust them. Keen, Ressler, and the Grimm family are leaving the hotel as Jonathan explains that he sent the dossier to a friend at The Washington Post. Agent Sandquist and his team arrive and tell Jonathan that he needs to come with them. Ressler and Keen refuse to put him in their custody. Tammy tells Keen that Sandquist is the one who came to their house as Jonathan realizes that Sandquist is the one who was also at Sam’s house. A shootout begins as some Secret Service agents are down and Jonathan is hit and taken with the remaining agents. Liz almost gets shot, but Reddington arrives just in time and goes after Mr. Grimm and the dossier.

Liz questions Tammy and Parker and asks the team whether they have heard from Reddington about Grimm and the fake agents. Ressler tells her they aren’t fake, and Aram gives them details on the agents, some of whom are very close to the President. Aram was also able to get some info from the burner cell of one of the agents. The burner cell has only called four numbers, but he can’t trace it unless one of them is in use. Red calls and says that he lost Grimm and the dossier. They tell him about Milian Sandquist and that he tortured Sam Whatley. Sam is missing and his house clean, which is no surprise to Reddington, who tells them Sam is dead. The team wants to warn the President about his agents, but Red believes the President is a part of the conspiracy. Cooper heads to the White House to tell the President what he knows.

Ressler questions Tammy about where they sent the dossier to, as Jonathan is being interrogated by a Secret Service agent. They hurt him until he tells the location where he dropped off the envelope, as Tammy does the same for Ressler. The Secret Service agents arrive at the location, but the mail drop is empty. Aram tells the Task Force the mail has been picked up, which means they still have a chance.

Cooper arrives at the White House to see the President. Aram tries to reach the Postmaster, as a Task Force member tells Aram that one of the burner phones is online. Aram calls Cooper and says the burner phone is active and the person is talking to Anna McMahon. Anna says that they can use the information from Cooper and the Task Force to their advantage and that the agent incident which occurred at the hotel is not traceable to him. Aram and the team listen in, and Cooper figures out that President Diaz is on the other line. He leaves and calls Red to tell him the President is involved.

The team is in Cooper’s office, in disbelief that President Diaz is involved. The team has no leads yet about the mail, but they still need to find the dossier.

Earl Wilson is picking up mail and is driving when he is stopped by Agent Sandquist. He tells Earl that he needs to come with them since he is possibly carrying classified material, but banging is heard from the car. Mr. Grimm tries to warn him, and Earl tries to run but is taken.

Aram tells the team that he can’t track the mail truck, but the driver Earl Wilson has an app on his phone with his family where they can see each other’s location. Earl’s signal was lost, but they know where he was headed. Simultaneously, the Secret Service agents arrive at a warehouse with Wilson handcuffed, and they grab all the mail bags. Cooper tells Aram to pull CCTV cameras where the abduction happened to get possible witnesses who saw the incident. The mail is poured onto the ground, and Earl tries to reach for pepper spray but has it taken from him. Jonathan asks for his glasses, and Sandquist asks Grimm what they are looking for. Grimm tells him, and they all search through the piles of mail.

Aram tells Cooper that he tracked Sandquist’s phone and knows the location. Sandquist decides Mr. Grimm needs incentive, and an agent grabs Earl Wilson. Liz and Ressler arrive near the warehouse and are briefed by local PD. Wilson is being sprayed constantly with pepper spray as Jonathan continues to look for the envelope. The FBI storm in, and another shootout occurs. Secret Service agents are killed, but Sandquist is injured. He shoots Jonathan and flees the scene as Liz goes to Jonathan. He hands her the envelope with the dossier inside and dies.

Red is seen in Cooper’s office and properly thanks him for saving his life, when Ressler and Keen arrive back at Headquarters. Aram plugs it in and see the contents on the drive. They discover that there is a plot to assassinate the President at a debate the following day, and the team is determined to stop it.

Anna sees Sandquist at the hospital and tells him that they can blame everything on Reddington and the Task Force, but they have to lie to Diaz. Diaz arrives to ask how Sandquist is and if they have the dossier. He says that they do.

Megan Boone in ‘The Blacklist.’ Courtesy of NBC.

Liz is talking to Reddington about the conspiracy as Reddington compares the President to her mom. He tells Liz that she did the best that she could and made many mistakes. He tells Liz that there is no threat and that she should bring Agnes home. As Reddington continues to talk, Liz sees Anna McMahon and agents arresting the Task Force. Anna walks into Cooper’s office and says that he is under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder against the President. Cooper says that it’s her plan and she won’t get away with it and she said that she told him she would bring them down. Liz tells Red, “I can’t just stand here. I got to do something,” and hangs up the phone with Reddington.

Here is the trailer for the season finale of The Blacklist:

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