‘The Blacklist’ Season Six Episode 20 Recap: “Guillermo Rizal”

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If you missed the part 2 of last week’s 2 hour event, check it out here.

This episode begins with a girl and her father at a glow in the dark mini golf when the father tells her to find her mom while he went to get her another golfball. She looks around and finds a turtle, held by a strange man. The father and mother frantically look for their daughter but she is gone.

Liz meets Red at a restaurant and she wants to talk about the secret she just learned. Red is conflicted because the code of ethics that he has been following has been to eliminate those who betray him. He tells Liz he can’t kill her, he can’t forget, and he can’t forgive. The reason he called her was he had a case. Children are being kidnapped and he puts the Task Force on the case.

Keen briefs the team on the case and tells them that Reddington thinks there is a connection to Anna McMahon. Cooper tells Liz and Ressler to talk to the families of the two twin girls who have been kidnapped. Ressler talks to Liz about how she has been avoiding him since he told her he was continuing to search for Reddington’s identity. She tells him she isn’t mad and that she is grateful he is looking out for her.

Liz talks to the Walker’s and Ressler talks to the Mitchell’s. Liz and Ressler simultaneously talk to the families and tell them that the although the girls look the same, they are genetically different girls. They also have to break the news to the parents that the girls are not biologically theirs. Both sets of parents tell Liz and Ressler of the IVF center they used, New Dawn.

Liz and Ressler talk to the owner of New Dawn and her lawyer and she is cooperating. Both families were clients of New Dawn but had different doctors, different teams, etc. The only thing they had in common was the embryologist. She reluctantly gives them the name.

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Reddington arrives at a restaurant to sit down with Senator Christensen and asks him who the man, who kidnapped the missing girls, is and how to find him. Red makes a scene and the Senator tells him that he hired the man to find a painting for his wife. The man, named Mr. Francis Cotton, contacts the Senator when he has found the item but the man has his number. Red takes the Senator’s phone and leaves the restaurant.

Liz tells Ressler about Red’s true identity. Ressler asks why and if what she knows is even true, but Liz is willing to believe it. Aram questions the embryologist and tells him that since he was in legal trouble, it probably was very expensive. Soon after the legal issue from a former job, he signed a mortgage and bought a new car. Aram asks the embryologist who approached him and offered them money. The man tells him that he doesn’t know who approached him but he switched the three embryos and the parents would never know. “I’m sorry, did you say three?”

Liz and Ressler arrive at Grace’s school, who is the other identical child to put her into protective custody. The principal takes Liz and Ressler to the counselors’s office as CPS wanted to talk to her but when they arrive the counselor has been killed and Grace has been taken.

Red arrives at a clock shop and tells the woman who fixed them that he has an item for her catalog. He bribes her with 4 briefcases and one of her clocks. He tells her he needs her to circulate the photo of the painting the Senator needed for his wife, most likely to trap Mr. Cotton.

Liz comes with news that these three girls aren’t the only ones who have been taken, more twins and triplets have been taken in the last 18 months. Aram tells them that this is a human experimentation kidnapping. The DNA has been edited for all three girls. Guillermo introduces Grace to Corrine and Nora and starts the experiment inside of the dome. All of the girls have bracelets that activate and Rizal’s team prepares the dome with certain temperatures and environments. Ressler tells the team that one embryo is a baseline and comparison to the other embryos for experiments.

Senator Christensen, who met with Reddington unexpectedly, meets with Anna McMahon. He tells her that Reddington knows about Mr. Cotton and that he is pulling his vote. Anna calls her associate and tells him to find Mr. Cotton, before Reddington does. Mr. Cotton arrives at the clock shop and shows the woman a picture of the painting. She tells him it’s in the backroom. He walks back there and Reddington is waiting for him, with his trusty torturer Teddy and his son, who is holding bees.

Teddy takes a break as he talks with Raymond about Dembe and how he is gone. Red says that he has a code of ethics and he forgave Dembe for his betrayal. Teddy’s son comes out of the room and says that he has a name for who hired Mr. Cotton. Liz tells the team that Guillermo Rizal is the one who is running the experimentation because Reddington called her. Back at the warehouse in the dome, the girls are starting to overheat, except for Corrine. Rizal tells his team to release solution to the girls. Ressler tells the team that Guillermo has a warehouse in Maryland. The girls run to drink the solution and Nora and Grace begin coughing. Liz and Ressler head to Maryland to the warehouse as Aram gets them a warrant. Teddy’s son comes out again and tells him that Mr. Cotton won’t say anything about Anna McMahon and what she instructed him to find. Teddy takes over for his son to get answers.

Liz and Ressler arrive at the warehouse, which is guarded very heavily. Ressler shows the warrant and demands to be let in. Reluctantly, the guards let them in. Corrine pleads for them to be helped as Rizal and his team watch. The building goes under a “code white.” Ressler and Liz are inside and find many rooms, with several sets of twins and triplets who are playing and watching as Liz and Ressler walk through the facility.

Rizal is taken by security but he wants to go back for Corrine. Liz calls Aram for backup and medics as Ressler finds the dome and goes to check it out. Liz stays behind to let the children free. A guard leads Rizal back to the dome. He finds her and he takes her with him, leaving the other girls. Ressler is searching the building when he hears shots fired. He finds Rizal’s team dead and he is attacked by security. The FBI arrives as backup and Liz sends them to Ressler for extra help. Ressler and the man struggle but the man is killed by an FBI agent. He goes to the dome with some FBI agents. Ressler and the FBI are involved a shootout with Rizal’s team of security as Rizal escapes with Corrine. A car is waiting for them to be driven away but Rizal feels something on Corrine’s side and discovers she has been shot. Ressler finds him and tells him to put her down. Ressler performs CPR because Corrine has stopped breathing.

Ressler questions Rizal and he asks about Corrine. She is in surgery and she is important to Rizal because she will help save the human race from climate change. Instead of waiting for evolution and natural selection, he edited the DNA to adapt to harsher environments.

Cooper tells Liz and Aram that Corrine is out of surgery and will be okay. Liz tells them that she doesn’t know what family is but Cooper tells her that family doesn’t have to do with biology. He tells her that she could leave Reddington behind but she won’t, because she doesn’t want to. He will forgive her and still loves her, just as she does the same. We see the girls and their families, reunited, as the girls are recovering.

Liz meets with Reddington at a park as he tells her that the dossier is in the hands of a random child and if Reddington knows, then Anna McMahon knows as well. Liz tells Red that she has a code of ethics too, “Love wins.” She tells him that no matter what happens, he will forgive her eventually because although he isn’t biologically her father or Agnes’ grandfather, but that is the identity that he has become. She wants Red to tell her how to prepare Agnes for what she might have to face when she is older. Liz tells Red that she is bringing Agnes home, finally.

Anna McMahon calls her associate and tells him that Reddington has gotten to Mr. Cotton and they need to find the dossier before Reddington does. She said they need to put their plan into motion or everything they have worked for will be ruined.

Check out next week’s trailer below!

The Blacklist airs on Friday’s at 8 pm on NBC.

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