‘Charmed’ Season One, Episode 21 Recap: “Red Rain”

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Image courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.
Image courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

This week on Charmed, the sisters do whatever they can to stop the source from rising in the penultimate episode.

But fighting evil does come with risks and sacrifices.

Spoilers ahead, so beware!

Walking down the stairs, Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) can hear Parker (Nick Hargrove) calling out to her for help. When they go to a now empty warehouse, Maggie sees demon blast marks, and as she walks up to it, she hears Parker calling out to her again. She says a spell and uses her evolving powers to listen to what happened in the room.

In the attic with Harry (Rupert Evans), Maggie employs her new staff to go to an empathic plane to find where Parker is. Parker tells her that Charity (Virginia Williams) is the last elder alive and is on the run.

Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) calls Macy (Madeleine Mantock), asking her to come to the hospital where he is helping out at, because he thinks what is infecting everyone is demonic. He gives her a blood sample to find out. While they are at the hospital, an unconscious Niko (Ellen Tamaki) is wheeled by them, much to Mel’s surprise. When they go to her room and read her charts, Harry says that the symptoms are affecting the areas of her brain that have to do with memory.

Maggie tries to use her powers to hear her thoughts, and it is all jumbled together like it is coming in at once. Mel (Melonie Diaz) feels guilty because it is all as a result of her spell. Greta (Carlena Britch) comes in and tells them to leave and notices that Niko is wearing the ring Mel gave her.

In the university’s lab, Macy matches the sample from the hospital to the harbinger demon, causing her to panic. She tells her sisters that, when they killed Hunter who had the Harbinger inside him, it made it airborne, infecting everyone. During the conversation, Macy gets a text from Galvin saying that the first patient has attacked a doctor and, like the prophecy says, people are turning evil.

Galvin comes up with the idea to use the spell he was going to use to take the evil out of Macy to get rid of the Harbinger out of the townspeople. Before he does the spell, he and Macy have a heart-to-heart. Galvin looks to Macy sadly and says the last step of the spell is the sacrifice: the spell works, and everyone is back to normal, but Galvin is dead.

Harry and Maggie find Charity in a hidden garden and say they will protect her. It turns out, though, that Parker was tricking Maggie so they would lead him to her. Maggie can get through to Parker long enough to tell him he did not kill his mother and that she loves him. He begs her to vanquish him, but she cannot, and he gets away.

When using power from the vortex, Charity is worried that Fiona (Leah Pipes) will find them. Fiona does show up and blasts Charity and leaves. Harry tries to heal Charity, but it does not work. She dies in his arms; the last elder is dead.

When Macy, Mel, and Harry find where they are raising the source, Fiona lights the flame (herself) but suddenly begins to die, because Macy had stripped her immortality. Fiona dies, and the source flame goes around the tree that Alistair (Craig Parker) has Maggie tied to.

Parker shows up and attacks his dad. And as he was just about to take on the source, Macy’s eyes go black while she says, “You’re not the only one.” She uses her powers to take the origin blade out of Parker and into herself. She steps into the flame taking the source. When she walks in, she holds on to her yin yang necklace that helps her find her way back from the darkness. But when she comes out, it is gone.

Macy kills Alistair, orbs them back to the house, fixes Niko and makes it so that none of the townspeople remember what happened. She goes to do something — leaving behind Harry and her worried sisters.

Macy goes to where Galvin is lying and tells him she will fix him and everything, as his eyes open.

Watch the promo for the season one finale “The Source Awakens” below!

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