‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 20 Recap: “Ambush”

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Madeleine Manrock, Sarah Jeffery, and Melonie Diaz in ‘Charmed.’ Image courtesy of IMDB

The last few episodes have been a whirlwind! From Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) coming back from the jungle possessed, and killing Mama Roz (Eva La Dare), leading him to break up with Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and wanting nothing to do with magic. Parker (Nick Hargrove) leaving and thinking he killed his mother, Dr. Julia (Rya Kihlstedt), which leads him straight to Alistair (Craig Parker) to become the source of all evil. Mel (Melonie Diaz) getting closer to Niko (Ellen Tamaki) resulting in telling her she is a witch. And the Charmed ones getting a new “whitelighter” named Tessa (Chloe Bridges), who dies helping them fight Fiona (Leah Pipes). A lot has happened.

Macy is upset that they are out of almond milk and her eyes flash black as she gets angry, worrying her sisters that she has been using Elder Bari’s (Sohm Kapila) needle too much. Later, while she is with Harry (Rupert Evans) trying to find a way to get rid of Fiona’s immortality, (she can read a text called the devil tongue – something only demons can read) she learns that she can become a human voodoo doll, which enables the spell to work. While in the vortex temple under the house, a force field goes up around Macy so that Harry cannot get to her. Macy can strip Fiona’s immortality, and see that she is working with Alistair, but at a cost – her eyes go black and her voice demonic. Later, when talking with her sisters, she says that she is going to use the needle to find out more. Mel tells her not to, and refuses to let her have it. Macy then uses her powers to try and hurt Mel. Realizing what she has done, she breaks the needle herself.

Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) is at home, still trying to find out where Parker is, when Lucy (Natalie Hall) comes over to get a drink recipe. While there, she asks to use the washroom. Instead of going to the restroom, Lucy goes to the attic and rips a page out of the Book of Shadows and leaves. (You would think they would have some protection on the book so that could not happen.) Later, when Mel and Maggie are looking for a spell to find Parker, they discover that a page is missing, making Maggie realize that Lucy can lead them to where Parker is and goes to see her. They track the number that has been video calling her and, using a spell to get Lucy to do their bidding, get Parker to become the source of all evil.

Niko goes to see Mel and tells her that she cannot stop thinking about her. They share a passionate kiss, making Mel feel guilty.

Later working with the Elders, the Charmed ones set a trap. Hunter (Constantine Rousouli) shows up and kills all of the Elders but one. Back at their house in the book nook, Maggie finds three books that have the same symbol she was doodling earlier on them. When all three of the books are moved, a secret passage opens up. (How big is this house that they can have all these massive secret places?) When they go down, they find a room where their names are on the wall. When they stand by them a projection of their mother (Valerie Cruz) appears and speaks to them. She gives them weapons that can help them win the upcoming battle. Meanwhile, Hunter arrives at the Kappa party and threatens all of the guests. They transport somewhere safe to fight, but Hunter wins, killing Elder Silver (and getting that much closer to releasing “the source.”)

Fiona finds her sister Charity (Virginia Williams),  and informs her of her plan to kill Parker after he becomes “the source” and thereby destroying all magic. Confused, Charity asks why Fiona is telling her this. It turns out that Charity is still an Elder and is the last one that has to die. Charity disappears.

Still feeling guilty, Mel confesses to Niko about using magic to erase her memory. Niko, (obviously and rightly) angry, gets up and leaves. The last thing we see is people beginning to bleed from the eyes and nose and then collapsing, including Niko.

Watch the promo for next week’s “Red Rain” episode below!

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