‘The Blacklist’ Season Six, Episode 14 Recap: “The Osterman Umbrella Company”

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James Spader and K. Todd Freeman in ‘The Blacklist.’ Courtesy of IMDb.

If you missed the last recap from this two-part event, check it out here.

The episode begins with a man in Singapore. He receives a package and a number on a chess piece. He seems to be watching a woman. He wears a ring with a prick at the end and pricks her as he walks past. She notices the blood and all of a sudden, her eyes frost over and she falls over a railing.

Aram wakes up Samar with breakfast and tells her they are going on a vacation for a few days in a cabin, where there won’t be any distractions.

Red and Dembe discuss Spaulding Stark’s clinical trial update, and Red says that it is coming along. Liz arrives and sees of a picture that Red has displayed from her past, of Liz and her mother. He says that the picture represents everything she couldn’t have. He reveals that her mother was targeted by a group called “The Osterman Umbrella Company.” The company takes out agents that the CIA, MI6, and more don’t want to deal with themselves. He tells Liz he believes their next target is in America.

Liz tells the Task Force about this company, and Cooper says that he will get to the bottom of it and find out if what Reddington said is true. He meets with his contact, Lanskey, who isn’t sure of anything, but he plans on finding out. As they discuss this, we see another member of the company arriving to get her package and her next target. Lanskey goes into a store and brings out an umbrella with a phone number on it. They call the number, and Cooper meets with a representative for the company.

The man, Mr. Hobbs, says that currently there are no outstanding jobs on an American agent. As they end their discussion, Ressler follows him to an office for Global System Imports. They were too clean to touch for any questioning. Cooper says that they do well under pressure, but Liz suggests they have another option. Dembe follows Hobbs and pretends to know him but then pulls him into the car, where Reddington is waiting. He wants to know the name of the American agent they are targeting. Hobbs doesn’t talk, so Red says they are going somewhere.

Aram and Samar are heading out on their trip to the cabins, and it seems hard for Samar to break habit since she is no longer an agent.

Dembe delivers the first of the clinical trial to Red, and he takes the pill. Teddy, who Red goes to for interrogations, says he needs to grab goats and will be back soon. Red goes to see Hobbs and finds him with a huge snake, wrapped around his body. Red tells him that by the time Teddy gets back, the snake will probably have swallowed him. Red gets him to talk and calls Cooper, giving him an address of where they can find the name.

Liz and Ressler arrive at the address and find the briefcase with the envelopes revealing the next target: Samar Navabi. Liz and Ressler try calling them, but they aren’t answering because they don’t have cell reception at the cabins. Liz calls Reddington, and he says that the Mossad is the one who put out the hit on Samar. Red tells Liz he is going to investigate why and see if they can get the Mossad to call off the hit.

Aram and Samar are at the cabins, and Aram gets a call that he needs to go to the front desk and file a new credit card, because the other one is denied. He leaves Samar and goes to the front desk.

Red meets Levi from the Mossad and tells him to call off the hit. Levi says that he can’t because of her condition. Red suggests he call the Umbrella Company, but he says it’s too late and that he is awaiting confirmation since they have located the “target.” He says that her condition is the reason why she has to be killed.  “The only condition that would justify what you’ve done is if she were a traitor. She isn’t.”

Suddenly Samar gets a knock at the door. It’s her hit-woman, pretending to be one half of a couple whose snowmobile stopped working. She asks to use the phone, and Samar lets her in. The front desk tells Aram that his card is fine, and he pretends to call the spa but really calls the room. It just so happens the hit-woman was pretending to be on the phone when the phone rings. She turns around, and Samar hits her on her head. Aram is about to walk back to the room when his phone gets all the missed calls and messages. The Task Force tells Aram that “The Osterman Umbrella Company” is after Samar. Aram tells them where they are as Samar and the woman struggle. The woman tries to prick Samar with the ring, but she ends up pricking herself. Her eyes frost over and she dies, just as Aram walks in the door. Samar is wounded, but she says they have to go.

Red and Levi are still awaiting the call and he says, “If she’s dead, you’re next.” He gets the call and looks surprised. Samar and Aram are driving when she says that she was cleared by the Mossad and tells Aram about the Umbrella Company. She says that if they found out about her condition, they would vote to have her killed.

Liz and Ressler arrive at the cabin to find the dead woman and that Samar and Aram are gone. Liz calls Red, and he tells Liz about Samar’s condition. Red says that the DC Chief of the Mossad is the only person that can call off the hit.

Aram and Samar arrive at a music school, and Aram tells her that he was the one who told them. He thought he was protecting her. Samar is upset but knows he was trying to help. She knocks on the door and collects her “laundry,” but they find out she is rogue. They leave unnoticed.

Cooper meets with the DC Mossad and tells him that he needs to make the call or it could strain the relationship the two have. He makes the call. Samar and Aram arrive at a hospital and pretend they need to question a patient so that Samar can get stitched up. As they are trying to leave, two members of the company seem to be after them, and they have to find another way out.

Aram and Samar are driving away and they ponder how the company found them so quickly. Samar says that she needs to hide and she doesn’t want Aram to come but he insists they are in this together. Aram realizes a business card that Levi gave him and it has a tracking bug. He pulls over but they are hit by a car from the company. Cooper and the DC Mossad Chief are on the phone and the Mossad is not going to stop the contract. A gun fight ensues back at the car accident. The police arrive and the company leaves. Samar and Aram have escaped into the woods.

Samar and Aram have to split up to get a safe passage out of the country, so he has to call Cooper, Liz, and Ressler to help. She will try to stay alive and meet at a safe house. They kiss and she walks away.

The DC Chief tells Cooper that Levi is missing. Cooper replies with the same answer the Mossad gave him and says that he hopes Levi turns up. Levi and Red are talking as Levi is tied up. Red says that “the company can corrupt even the best among us.” Levi followed rules blindly, despite being a friend to Samar. Levi says he didn’t want it to happen, but Levi manipulated Aram into telling about her condition. Levi says he was doing his job. Red says he is also doing his and suffocates Levi with a plastic bag.

Liz, Ressler, and Cooper meet with Aram at the safe house. They provide resources and they say their goodbyes. A car shows up, and it’s Reddington with Dembe. Samar isn’t coming, and Aram is very angry. He asks to speak with her, and Reddington gives him his phone where she is awaiting his call. She said that she won’t forget him and she needed him to be safe, so she left. They both cry, and she says that she loves him. “Who is gonna take care of you if I’m not there?” She says she won’t let her mind forget him.

Aram hands the phone back to Red and punches him in the face. “I will never forgive you for this.”

Red leaves and Aram is sitting alone at the Task Force where Ressler comes to comfort him. Samar is seen on a plane, and she closes the screen over the window.

Here is the trailer for next week’s episode:

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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