Tasya Teles Talks Season Six of ‘The 100’ at WonderCon 2019

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This past weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the cast of The 100 to talk about their explosive sixth season at WonderCon 2019. Tasya Teles has been with the show, as Echo, since season two and spoke with us about what is next for our surviving Skaikru once they awaken from their cryosleep and have to contend with a whole new planet.

Tasya spoke at length about what she is looking forward to exploring in the new season (like the potential furthering of Echo and Bellamy’s relationship!) She also teases about her on-set antics during the episode of season six that Bob Morley stepped behind the camera to direct. No matter what though, she cannot wait for fans to see what drama this season has in store.

You can watch the rest of our interview with Tasya here:

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