Announcing: Katherine Ramdeen’s Kickstarter for ‘Curbed’

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Image courtesy Katherine Ramdeen Instagram.

If you’ve been following Katherine Ramdeen’s social media accounts, you might have noticed that she had begun to tease a new project of hers called Curbed, but had not given too much away. Today we are excited to announce not only the details about her new television series, but also the Kickstarter to fund the first episode!

Curbed takes place in Vancouver. It follows a well meaning but often impulsive actor who has just begun to realize the life she’s been living isn’t exactly fulfilling and decides to make some pretty big changes. Centering around her life experiences and conversations with her therapist, we might also catch a glimpse of some fantasy musical numbers! Basically, it’s a self-love story.

Ramdeen, who is heading up this project (taking it from script to screen), filled us in further on the overall feeling of the series:

We’re going to be telling the story of a woman who loses everything she thought made her who she is, and the journey of finding her happiness – which ultimately she realizes, can only come from herself.

Curbed is a scripted/sketch episodic comedy-drama. It’ll make you laugh and perhaps cry, all while navigating the nuance and minutiae of life. It’s with a heavy dose of levity that allows us to look at the tragedies of the human condition with humour, and compassion.

To fund the pilot episode of the series, Ramdeen and her creative team are launching a Kickstarter campaign. You can contribute by clicking here! Check out her video below:


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