‘The Blacklist’ Season Six, Episode 13 Recap: “Robert Vesco”

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James Spader and Stacy Keach in ‘The Blacklist.’ Courtesy of IMDb.

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The beginning of the episode starts at a party Reddington is hosting, now that he is finally free. We see him chat with the party guests, but he gets a call from Dembe about a body being in a grave. Reddington is surprised but makes him bring it on the jet for identification.

Samar finds out that she has vascular dementia. She tells Aram that she can’t have kids and that she doesn’t want the Task Force to know of her ailments.

The morning after, Reddington is sobering up, but he mentions his mentor Robert Vesco, who trained Red to be a fugitive and who has been presumed dead. Red believes that he isn’t dead. Liz tells the task force about Robert Vesco and that Reddington says that if he ever disappeared, it would be because he found the De La Cruz treasure. Then Samar tells the team that she is leaving the Task Force and the Mossad.

The body found in a grave was reviewed by the medical examiner and was determined not to be Vesco. The man whose body is in the grave lived in Nova Scotia, and that’s where Liz and Ressler are headed next to see if Vesco took over his life.

Samar goes to the Mossad headquarters and is required to take a polygraph test. She doesn’t think it necessary and feels they think she has something to hide. She is truthful until they want her to reveal her ailment. She lies and says that she is pregnant.

Liz and Ressler are in Nova Scotia when he becomes aware that Ressler and Liz are after him, and he escapes by listening to instructions via a cell phone call. They try running after him, but he gets into a police car, where Reddington is waiting. Red wants his money and his revenge.

Vesco says that he has grown tired of that life and that’s why he laid low all these years. Red says that he wants to know where the treasure is, and Vesco believes it’s in New Orleans.  First, they need to go to the Library of Congress to confirm Vesco’s theory. If Vesco doesn’t comply, Red has threatened him.

Samar and Aram talk as she explains she was administered a polygraph and that they need to talk about their future. Ressler interrupts and tells them that Reddington took Vesco and they are going to find the treasure.

At the Library of Congress, Vesco uses the poem of the De La Cruz and deciphers it with information held by the Library. Simultaneously, the team tries to look at the poem, but Aram says that the information they need to find the treasure is at the Library of Congress. The ship never sank but was taken over by pirates who hid it in a dressing room in an opera house that burned down. Vesco says that the treasure should be hidden under the stage of the opera house. “We are gonna rob the opera house.”

Red, Vesco, and Dembe are in New Orleans, and they are in the warehouse planning the heist. Vesco says that they must have an audience for distraction, because their plan requires explosives and accessing unauthorized areas. Red says that he can take care of everything because he has people everywhere, but Vesco needs to time their plan to the music.  Red tells them that if this is going to work, Vesco needs to get back into his old self.

Aram and Samar once again try to talk as she is packing her office, but he gets an idea about the case and has to run to tell Cooper. Seeing Samar’s aliases made him think of Reddington’s aliases, so he tells Ressler and Keen, who are trying to go through the books at the Library about a donation made to the opera house in New Orleans from Reddington. Aram tells Keen and Ressler to head there.

Levi finds Aram at a coffee shop, because he says that Samar lied on her polygraph and he wants to look out for her because the Mossad might think otherwise. Aram tells him about the accident, hoping that will save her from any threats. Levi congratulates him on Samar being pregnant, but Aram says he had no idea.

Reddington and Vesco are watching the opera, and the plan begins. They dress up as opera staff and escort Max, their bomb man who pretends to be drunk,through a door they need to get to the dressing room. On the way, Glenn is there on cue but is stopped by security. Red makes an excuse and lets Glenn in with the supplies they need in the dressing room.

Glenn is getting the supplies to the bomb man in the basement from the dressing room. When Red and Vesco catch up with Max, he is crying about the opera and his childhood. Now, they need another distraction because they couldn’t detonate the bomb in time with the audience’s applause. Red calls Glenn and tells him that he can make it up to Red by creating a distraction. Glenn runs onstage and yells that there is a fire, so an opera staff pulls the fire alarm. Red hears it and Max detonates the bomb. The treasure is not a myth and they are looking at it in all its glory.

Liz and Ressler arrive as the theater is being evacuated. Liz sees Glenn being questioned by a firefighter and tells him to tell her the truth. Concurrently, Red, Vesco, and the team get the gold in a huge truck and drive off. Liz calls Red, and Red says that she can meet them at a cafe and grab Vesco. Red lies to Liz, and Vesco and Red go for a cup of coffee. The gold is safely in the warehouse, and Red and Vesco chat. Red says that he thanks him for all that Vesco taught him and to meet him tomorrow morning so Red can fly him anywhere he wants to go.

Aram and Samar try once more to talk. Aram says that he is excited to be a father and even shows a bottle of wine and a baby toy attached for their child. Samar says that she isn’t pregnant, and that is what she lied about on her polygraph. Samar says that she can’t have kids or raise them and takes off her ring. She feels that Aram deserves better.

James Spader and Hisham Tawfiq in ‘The Blacklist.’ Courtesy of NBC.

Red calls Liz and says there has been a change of plans. Ressler and Liz show up at the warehouse where the gold is. Red opens the door, and it’s completely empty. When Red hugged Vesco, he took the keys out of Red’s pocket and took the gold for himself. “It’s not often I get egg on my face, but to be egged by the same person twice, that needs memorializing.” Red is flabbergasted but makes light of the situation with a picture for being manipulated by Vesco, again.

Aram finds Samar at a restaurant and sits down. He tells Samar that if she doesn’t want kids, that he is okay with that and that they can write their own story, without kids. He opens the bottle of wine and gives her the ring back. He asks her to promise to try and get better, and she promises. He tells her that everything is going to be okay as they hold hands.

Part 2 of this two-hour event will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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