‘Charmed’ Season One, Episode 17 Recap: “Surrender”

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A woman that is running away from something goes and knocks on a door that turns out to be where Niko (Ellen Tamaki) lives. She texts Mel (Melonie Diaz) to come over and introduces her to Scarlet (Kimi Alexander), who tells them what she remembers happening. Niko tells her about the group of girls she saw and that they seemed out of it and asks Mel if the Sarcana are a part of it.

Harry (Rupert Evans) is summoned before the elders to be held accountable for having a forbidden relationship with Charity (Virginia Williams).

Charity is also the one responsible for Marisol’s (Valerie Cruz) death and the other elders’ deaths as well. They strip him of his powers and whitelighter duties, making him human again. When he returns to the charmed ones, he is many years older and explains that he is aging to his actual age of 92.

Viralis (Tyler Blackburn) brings Roxy to a friend of Scarlet’s and asks where she is. When she will not tell him, he kills her. We are not in Roswell, New Mexico anymore.

In Roxy’s hand is Nikos business card. Viralis angrily tells them to find her as his eyes glow an electric blue, which makes their eyes the same blue. The girls under his control go to Nikos and kidnap Scarlet and attack Niko when she tries to stop them. Niko calls Mel and tells her about what she saw and those blue eyes.

Wanting to help Harry, Mel goes to see if Jada (Aleyse Shannon) can help and says that he wants to see Fiona (Leah Pipes). Jada will not help Mel and they argue, not knowing Fiona is eavesdropping, Mel leaves, and it seems they have broken up.

With not many options to them and to get the elders’ attention, they use their magic in public. It works fast, and they are in front of them pleading Harry’s case, but it does not work.

Using the Book of Shadows, they find the name of the demon they are looking for. Viralis makes your desires come true; he feeds them his blue blood and puts them under his obedience. He selects ten women because, on the spring equinox, he uses his power to make them kill themselves so he can suck in their life force and continue to live.

Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) says that she will go to the poetry reading and be bait. Viralis approaches her, and they go into the hall to talk. He uses his magic and says that she desires to have a love that will not leave. They vanish, with Maggie now under his control.

The sisters track them to an old barn, and (Surprise, surprise!) Niko is there. Mel freezes time, which also freezes Harry since he is now human, and they head inside to save everyone. Inside the barn, the only ones not frozen are Maggie and the demon.

Viralis gives her more of his blood and tells her to kill whoever comes in. Maggie attacks Mel, and they fight while Macy (Madeleine Mantock) goes after Viralis. She gets his dagger, but he vanishes before she can stab him. She looks around the barn and sees his glowing blue eyes and throws the knife, killing him and releasing the girls from their trance. Macy and Mel go back outside to take their original places and unfreeze time. Niko notices a cut on Mel’s hand that was not there before. Niko tells her that she always seems to be at the center of everything weird.

Macy gives Maggie some of the demon’s blood that she needs to help Parker (Nick Hargrove), who is fighting off an infection that is killing his human side. When Dr. Julia (Rya Kihlstedt) gives it to him, he does not even look human anymore.

After trying to get into his head and failing, Fiona goes to the charmed ones’ home and says she will save Harry, because she likes knowing they would owe her.

But Harry would be gone for an unknown amount of time. Jada shows up wanting her to stop and save her power. Fiona threatens her and tells her that she attacked two other Sarcana sisters, so she leaves. Harry agrees and portals out with Fiona. She heals him and then goes into his head to get a location to somewhere. She has problems getting what she needs and takes him with her.

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