Thursday, March 23, 2023

Video: Second Deleted Scene From ‘Timeless’ Finale Revealed

TELEVISIONVideo: Second Deleted Scene From 'Timeless' Finale Revealed

The writing team responsible for Sony Pictures Television’s Timeless has released another deleted scene from the series finale. Last week, fans were given the challenge of accumulating 10,000 retweets in exchange for the first deleted scene.

Check out the latest reveal below:


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In the second half of the finale, Agent Christopher and Connor Mason discovered that Emma was seemingly successful in taking down the Time Team in 1950. The only way to save the team was with a time machine, which was not an option for the two of them when the Lifeboat was already on a mission and the Mothership was in the hands of Rittenhouse. A bit later, Agent Christopher showed up at Emma’s secret hideout with the one and only Benjamin Cahill.

The deleted scene shows what occurred between these two events: Agent Christopher visited Cahill in jail with a tactfully worded plea. Using Cahill’s weakness for his daughter as a pawn, Agent Christopher explained that Emma had taken over Rittenhouse and killed Lucy. The only way to save her was to use the Mothership to go back in time on a rescue mission. To do that, she needed to know where Rittenhouse’s secret hideouts (and subsequently Emma) were located.

This scene provided an explanation as to how exactly Agent Christopher was able to enlist Cahill on their mission; however, his surprise appearance without this added scene had much more of an impact during the episode.

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As per the tweet, it appears that there is still one more deleted scene to come. #ClockBlockers can most likely expect for this to be shared by the Writer’s Room soon. Follow @TheTimelessRoom on Twitter for more updates!

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