Friday, March 31, 2023

Video: Deleted Scene From ‘Timeless’ Finale

TELEVISIONVideo: Deleted Scene From 'Timeless' Finale
The Cast of ‘Timeless’. Image Courtesy of NBC.

The writers behind Sony Pictures Television’s Timeless made a deal with the #ClockBlockers of Twitter on Jan. 31 — rack up 10,000 retweets and be rewarded with a deleted scene from the finale. The Timeless Writer’s Room is known for being generous with providing additional content to the fandom, as they shared a handful of deleted scenes and script pages during the #RenewTimeless campaign on Twitter in 2018.

On Feb. 2, the goal was met, and the Writer’s Room held up their end of the bargain. Check out the deleted scene below.

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The contents of the deleted scene contain two separate yet important bits of information. The first is that Garcia Flynn was given a star on the CIA memorial wall, in order to honor him as a time traveling hero. During that revelation, we are given a brief look at how Lucy is handling Flynn’s death once the team has returned from their mission.

Next, we also learn that, even in this altered timeline, Rittenhouse still found a way to remove both Carol Preston and Nicholas Keynes (Lucy’s mother and great-grandfather, respectively) from the equation.

The Writer’s Room referred to this scene as the first of their deleted scenes from the finale, so #ClockBlockers can potentially look forward to more content reveals in the near future!

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