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Celebrating 300 Episodes: 300 Things We Love About ‘Supernatural’

THE CWSUPERNATURALCelebrating 300 Episodes: 300 Things We Love About 'Supernatural'

Supernatural is about to air a milestone episode, number 300, tonight. The show is currently in its 14th season, and was already renewed for a 15th.

To celebrate 300 episodes, we’re listing 300 things/characters/lines/reasons we love Supernatural. Yep, we’re really doing it. So dive in!

1. Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.

2. Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester.

3. Misha Collins as Castiel.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros

4. How the cast is truly a family and it shows on-screen.

5. And how the cast genuinely loves and appreciates their fans.

6. Cast members directing (Jensen Ackles, Richard Speight, Jr., Misha Collins)

7. Not only the dedication of the cast, but the dedication of the crew.

8. The writers.

9. Brotherhood.

10. The music.

11. Rob Benedict singing “Fare Thee Well”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros

12. Louden Swain’s “Worlds Collide” making an appearance in season 7, episode 13.

13. The episode titles often being titles of classic rock songs.

14. “Night Moves”

15. “Eye of the Tiger”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros


16. “Heat of the Moment”

17. “Carry on my Wayward Son”

18. The end of “Nightshifter” with “Renegade”.

19. The creative spin on different types of well-known lore.

20. The endless pop culture references.

21. They’re not afraid to go meta. (“Fan Fiction”, “The French Mistake”)

Courtesy of the CW/Warner Bros
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22. They’re also not afraid to try new things, like a crossover with Scooby-Doo.

23. There’s an insane amount of quotes that we can recite from the show.

24. Like, “I was drunk, it was Comic-Con.”

25. “I’m your Huckleberry.”

26. “I’ll interrogate the cat.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros

27. “She’s got sparkles on her face.”

28. “Obviously I’m a God… a cruel, cruel, capricious God.”

29. “You know what humanity’s greatest creation has been? Music… that and nacho cheese. Even I couldn’t have dreamt up that deliciousness. But music… music is magic.”

30. “Be like Elsa, let it go.”

31. “I found a liquor store and drank it.”

32. “My people skills are rusty.”

33. “I hate you and I love you.”

34. “You go, Dumble-dork.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros

35. “Doctor… Doctor.”

36. “Whoa there Tiger.”

37. “That Joffrey’s a dick.”

38. “When I said I was scared of the thing in my closet, Dad gave me a .45.” “Well, what was he supposed to do?”

39. “Dory?” “I’m not going to apologize for loving that fish. Not to you, not to anyone.”

40. “You have a guinea pig?”

41. “I lost my shoe.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

42. “It’s funnier in Enochian.”

43. “I assume it’s because seven is a prime number and…”

44. “There’s no such thing as fifth base.” “Oh, you poor sweet sheltered boy.”

45. “No one in the history of torture has ever been tortured with the torture like you’ll be tortured with.”

46. “I torture all my friends. It’s how I show love.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

47. “I mean, writing yourself into the story is one thing, but as a prophet? That’s like M. Night level douchiness.”

48. “Sam and Dean are fictitious characters! They’re not real!”

49. “We should probably talk.”

50. “Just don’t use the G word, okay? Just call me Chuck.”

51. “Okay, first of all… this gift is super cute!”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

52. “In the beginning, there was me. Boom! Detail.”

53. “You hoard toilet paper. You understand me? Hoard it. Hoard it like it’s made of gold, cause it is.”

54. “I killed Hitler.”

55. “I love posse, I’m a posse magnet.”

56. “You married FAKE Ruby?”

57. “No Sam, it’s a lizard. It tastes like lizard.”

58. “Go. Save your brother. And my unicorn.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

59. “Those shoulders.” – Velma

60. “I dated. Had some girlfriends… had a few boyfriends.”

61. “I’m Kevin Tran. I’m in advanced placement. Please don’t kill me.”

62. “The Past, where you come from, that’s important. But not as important as the future and where you’re going.”

63.“If you want to add glitter to that glue you’re sniffing, that’s fine, but don’t dump your whackadoo all over us.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.


64. “Helped them? I’ve saved them. I’ve rebuilt Castiel more times than I can remember, look where that got me.”

65. “Yesterday was Tuesday, right? But, today is Tuesday too.”

66. “I would love to have the sex with you.”

67. “Did you have protection?” “I had my angel blade.”

68. “You’re bossy and short!”

69. “I’m an Angel” “No, you can’t be.” “Why not?” “Because I’m an atheist.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

70. “So you’re saying we are both a couple of dumbasses?” “I prefer the word trusting. Less dumb, less ass.”


72. “I’ll man the flashlight.”

73. “You’re good. But I’m Crowley.”

74. “I love you. I love all of you.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

75. “I don’t say words wrong.”

76. “Who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and douche bags.”

77. “I’m a painted whore.”

78. “We get beat up by girls all the time.”

79. “I told you not to douche her up!”

80. “This isn’t funny Dean. The voice say’s I’m almost out of minutes.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

81. “I’m an angel of the Lord, you should show me some respect.”

82. “I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.”

83. “The whistle makes me their god.”

84. “Memory foam – it remembers me.”

85. “Hey, Assbutt!”

86. “I’ve got the kielbasa you ordered.”

Courtesy of the CW/Warner Bros.

87. “I think I’m adorable.”

88. “Nipples?”

89. “Bitch.”

90. “Jerk.”

91. “Bollocks.”

92. “Balls.”

93. “Idjits.”

94. “I believe in us.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

95. “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

96.  Specific episodes, that we can’t choose only one scene from, like the episode “Regarding Dean”

97.  The episode “Changing Channels”

98. “Casa Erotica”

99. Characters and actors we love, like Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester.

100. Felicia Day as Charlie.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

101. Shoshannah Stern as Eileen.

102. Alexander Calvert as Jack.

103. Kim Rhodes as Jody.

104. Briana Buckmaster as Donna.

105. Kathryn Newton as Claire.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

106. Yadira Guevara-Prip as Kaia.

107. Katherine Ramdeen as Alex.

108. Clark Backo as Patience.

109. Julian Richings as Death.

110. Rachel Miner as Meg.

111. Lisa Berry as Billie.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

112. Rob Benedict as Chuck.

113. Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel/The Trickster/Loki.

114. Richard Speight, Jr., playing Gabriel and Loki and directing himself – all in one episode.

115. Matt Cohen as Young John Winchester/Michael.

116. Matt coming back as John unexpectedly in “Baby”.

117. David Haydn-Jones as Ketch.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

118. Adam Fergus as Mick.

119. Samantha Smith as Mary.

120. Gil McKinney as Henry Winchester.

121. Sebastian Roche as Balthazar.

122. Danneel Ackles appearing on the show as Sister Jo.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

123. Tim Omundson as Cain.

124. Sterling K Brown as Gordon.

125. Alternate Universes and realities.

126. Favorite characters returning years later thanks to the AU.

127. Favorite scenes, like the grenade launcher.

128. Blue steel mug shots.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

129. Time travel episodes.

130. All of the fun motel room designs.

131. Dean’s love of pie.

132. Dean LARPing.

133. Dean geeking out over “Dr. Sexy”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

134. Dean’s single man tears.

135. Dean coaching Charlie on how to flirt.

136. Dean riding the bull.

137. Dean as a dog.

138. Dean’s eye wrinkles when he smiles.

139. Dean’s Leviathan “Dick” jokes.

140. Dean’s protective side.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

141. Dean’s love for chick flicks.

142. Demon!Dean.

143. Demon!Dean singing karaoke.

144. Dean’s motivational speeches.

145. Purgatory!Dean.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

146. Michael!Dean’s wardrobe.

147. Seeing Michael!Dean’s angel form.

148. Dean’s original leather jacket.

149. Dean’s fear of flying.

150. Dean and Benny’s friendship.

151. Dean making fun of Sam’s beard.

152. Dean’s scream in “Yellow Fever”.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

153. Dean being a bear before coffee.

154. Dean’s love for westerns.

155. Dean giving Jack love advice.

156. Dean and Claire mini golfing.

157. Dean in the shower.

158. Dean saying fudgin’ instead of f*ck.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

159. Dean throwing an angel blade through an angel.

160. Dean’s summary of what has happened in “Fan Fiction”

161. The amount of times Dean says “awesome”.

162. Also the amount of times Dean says “Son of a bitch.”

163. Dean calling Sam toxic after tacos.

164. Sam and Dean busting down the wall in the bunker.

Courtesy of the CW.

165. Nerdy Sam and Dean in “Mint Condition”.

166. Sam and Dean in glasses.

167. SW and DW carved into the table.

168. Drunk Sam and Dean and Garth.

169. Sam and Dean singing in the car.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

170. Sam saying “So get this…”

171. Sam’s merciful heart with monsters who don’t deserve to die.

172. How you can determine what season it is based on Sam’s hair.

173. Soulless Sam.

174. Soulless Sam doing chin-ups.

175. Sam’s love of true crime.

176. Sam’s expert-level research skills.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

177. Sam’s grief beard.

178. Sam’s demon blood detox.

179. The speech Sam gave in “Who We Are.”

180. Sam’s puppy dog eyes.

181. But really, how many times does Sam get knocked out?

182. Sam knowing all of Dean’s “stops on the farewell tour”.

183. Sam and Dean dressed as priests.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

184. Sam’s fear of clowns.

185. Sam using Hermione Granger to encourage Charlie.

186. Shirtless Sam.

187. Castiel’s blue tie.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

188. Castiel’s tie backwards.

189. Castiel’s trench coat.

190. Castiel as Lucifer.

191. Castiel’s monologue in “The Man Who Would Be King”

192. Castiel as Steve.

193. Castiel buying all the diapers.

194. Castiel acting as a father to Jack.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

195. Castiel being sassy.

196. Castiel giving Claire “Grumpy Cat”.

197. Castiel shirtless in laundromat.

198. Castiel and the Pizza Man.

199. Castiel knocking Ketch out by touching his forehead.

200. Castiel saying “Hello, Dean.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

201. The waitress flirting with Castiel, “When do you get off? Whenever I can.”

202. Agent Beyonce and Agent Z.

203. Jack. Everything about that sweet nougat son.

204. Jack saying he loves cocaine.

205. Jack meeting his mom in heaven.

206. Jack shooting the angels out of the air in the AU.

207. Jack copying Dean drinking beer.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

208. The revelation that Chuck is God.

209. Chuck returning in the 200th episode.

210. Chuck’s “Swan Song” monologue.

211. Chuck’s “World’s Best Dad” mug.

212. Charlie going to Oz with Dorothy.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

213. Charlie rocking out in the elevator.

214. Charlie’s hunter funeral.

215. Alex calling Claire “Biker Barbie”.

216. Ruby double crossing Sam.

217. The drawer full of black t-shirts Ketch found in the bunker.

218. Gabriel’s kazoo.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

219. Ellen and Jo.

220. Ellen’s Roadhouse.

221. Jo’s love of knives.

222. Rowena’s elegant gowns.

223. Rowena and Gabriel “reading” together.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros..

224. Gabriel’s grace being impotent.

225. Gabriel coming back in Season 13.

226. Gabriel falling into Castiel’s crotch.

227. Gabriel setting Asmodeus on fire.

228. Asmodeus looking like Colonel Sanders.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

229. Young John being upset with how Dean’s dad treated him.

230. John being convinced by his then unborn, but full grown adult son to get Baby.

231. How Baby is treated as a character.

232. And an entire episode was filmed inside the Impala.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

233. The arsenal in Baby’s trunk.

234. Bobby as a father figure.

235. Crowley.

236. Crowley and Dean’s bromance.

237. Every time Crowley calls Sam “Moose”.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

238. The Crowley and Bobby seal the deal kiss.

239. Mary punching Ketch.

240. Kevin screaming, “What is happening?”

241. Lucifer saying “Oh my dad”.

242. But most of all, Lucifer’s death.

243. Meg and Castiel’s friendship.

244. Benny sacrificing himself to save Sam.

245. Death’s introduction.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

246. Balthazar hating “My Heart Will Go On”.

247. Mick Davies turning into a good guy.

248. Kelly stealing the Impala.

249. Missouri picking on Dean.

250. The Empty.

251. Becky writing fanfic.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

252. Dr. Badass.

253. Ghostfacers.

254. Angel blade twirling.

255. The Supernatural books.

256. Demon Snookie.

257. Wendigo drinking game.

258. Angels are dicks.

259. The nutcrackers.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

260. Group exorcism over speaker.

261. Marshmallow nachos.

262. Angel wings.

263. Using rock star names for aliases.

264. The bunker.

265. Winchester Surprise.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

266. The Samulet.

267. The Colt.

268. Anti possession tattoos.

269. The Darkness.

270. Poughkeepsie.

271. The Dean Cave.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

272. So. Much. Flannel.

273. Adam who?

274. Not even worrying when someone dies, because they usually come back.

275. Prank wars.

276. Gag reels.

277. Conventions.

278. San Diego Comic-Con.

279. Paley Fest.

280. Seattle Marathon.

281. GISH.

282. Gifs for every occasion.

283. Getting to find out about some wonderful people like Jason Manns and Louden Swain.

284. The Hillywood Show parodies.

Courtesy of the Hillywood Show

285. Shaving People, Punting Things.

286. The fact that there’s enough content to make a list of 300 things (kudos to you if you’re still here!)

287. The Wayward movement.

288. Family Business Beer Company.

289. All the FBBC references in Dean’s “dream world”.

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

290. Jared’s keg stand on Conan with Jensen’s beer.

291. All the charity work and campaigns.

292. Always Keep Fighting.

293. Random Acts.

294. You Are Not Alone.

295. Fan artists.

296. How family includes those not related by blood. “Family don’t end in blood.”

Courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros

297. Supernatural led to us traveling all over the world.

298. It helped us believe in ourselves.

299. It helped us be who we are.

300. And it gave us more friends than we ever could have imagined.

Supernatural isn’t just a show. It’s a home. It’s family. Congrats on 300 episodes!

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