Interview: Aimee Garcia Talks ‘Lucifer’, Season 4, Fans, Writing & More! [EXCLUSIVE]

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Aimee Garcia as Ella in ‘Lucifer’ – Courtesy of Fox/Netflix

Perky, fun, energetic and unapologetically herself – Aimee Garcia embodies all of the best qualities (and more!) of her character Ella on Netflix’s Lucifer. She’s had a whirlwind year, from ending the third season on Lucifer’s biggest cliffhanger yet, to Fox’s cancellation, to a robust fan campaign to #SaveLucifer, to being picked up by Netflix and now filming the fourth season. We’re excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Aimee. She was kind enough to sit with us and talk about her year, her favorite parts of Ella, and some insight into another project she’s working on (Spoiler alert: it sounds awesome!) Read on below!

Nerds and Beyond: What about the character of Ella in Lucifer drew you in to audition? What did you like about her right from the start?

Aimee: I loved that Ella was a scientist who wasn’t afraid to be goofy. I liked that she LOVED her job and wasn’t judgmental, too. The audition scene had Ella saying, “The devil gets a bad rap. What did he do that was so bad? Ask some naked lady if she wanted an apple?” Those words told me Ella saw the best in people and was a bright light. So I was excited to play an optimistic and fun character who was unapologetically herself. Like Ella, I’m a big dork who loves to dance and spread love.

Nerds and Beyond: Talk to us about the experience of being canceled and then picked up by Netflix – that’s a heck of a ride. What has been the overall feeling with the cast and crew filming the fourth season?

Aimee: Gratitude. After FOX canceled us, we were so bummed because we really enjoyed working together. But, when people all over the world started tweeting #SaveLucifer, we were inspired to fight the good fight. For an entire month, I went on social media every day and told fans to keep tweeting. I went to comic cons and told fans not to give up. Tom Ellis did multiple talk shows … and the fans never gave up. Hours before our contracts were set to expire, Netflix picked us up!!! It was like a miracle. So, we are all extremely grateful to our fans all over the world who were on the front lines with us. They literally voted with social media and made their voices heard … and now we’re back shooting Season 4 because of Netflix and them. I always call our Lucifans our little angels who saved us.

Aimee Garcia and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ – Courtesy of FOX/Netflix

Nerds and Beyond: There’s a dreadful lack of Latina representation on television, and obviously Ella is a step in the right direction in changing that. What are some Latina characters you’ve drawn inspiration from, or are enjoying on television now?

Aimee: I’m loving Michelle Gomez on “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” Stephanie Beatriz on “Brooklyn 99,” Monica Raymund in anything she does, Diane Guerrero on “Orange Is the New Black,” Shakira Barrera on “Glow,” and Camila Mendes on “Riverdale.”

Nerds and Beyond: Can you tease any surprises about a character arc for Ella in season 4? In the last season, we saw a little of Ella’s serious side when her brother got into some trouble. Will we learn any more about Ella’s family this season?

Aimee: Yes, Ella has a crisis of faith in Season 4. She starts spiraling because she’s lost her rock in God. We’ll still see an energetic Ella, but she’ll just be a bit darker. We don’t meet any new family members, but we’ll see much more of her … physically and emotionally. It’s sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll for Ella this season. And I think that’s all I can tease without getting into trouble, haha!

Aimee Garcia and Director Richard Speight, Jr on the set of ‘Lucifer’

Nerds and Beyond: Ella can be a little excitable about crime scenes. Do you share her interest in true crime stories?

Aimee: Yes!!!! I love trying to figure out why people do what they do. I think people are a sum of their experiences so piecing together their motivations is super fun.

Nerds and Beyond: Obviously Lucifer has a great cult following, given that it’s a genre show, and it’s based off of a comic book, and you guys have amassed quite a fandom. You’ve also been on Dexter and Supernatural. What have been some of your favorite fan experiences? Has that interaction with fans have any kind of positive impact, personally or career-wise?

Aimee: Oh my god, yes!!!! I LOVE our fans and am so inspired by them. Some of my favorite fan experiences … when a teenager said he was inspired by Ella to come out to his family as gay because Ella was unapologetically herself. Another time, a science teacher said she played Ella’s scenes in her biology class because Ella made science cool. And, at San Diego Comic Con, girls from Australia dressed up as Ella with gloves, a top knot, glasses and a forensic jacket! I was so honored because they were cosplaying a scientist and turning her into a superhero. I’m also very inspired when fans say my Instagram stories make them laugh on sad days, inspire them to workout when they’re feeling lazy and motivate them to apply for internships and study extra hard. I’m blown away by the incredible fan art I get. My heart is always so full when I meet fans. They say I help them, but THEY keep ME going, especially on rough days, so I’m incredibly grateful for them.

Nerds and Beyond: You’ve posted on social media that you would like to venture into writing. What do you like to write? Stories? Screenplays? 

Aimee: I’m writing a graphic novel with AJ Lee about a Latina scientist. We’re creating a female superhero who is nerdy, clumsy and socially awkward. Peter Parker was always my favorite because I could relate to his socially awkward ways. I’m also writing a horror movie with my BFF and a single-camera comedy with Emmy-winning producer Lee Eisenberg.

Aimee Garcia

Nerds and Beyond: We have a few nerdy quick questions.. 
Nerds and Beyond: Favorite movie?

Aimee: Back to the Future

Nerds and Beyond: Favorite Book?

Aimee: Alas, Babylon

Nerds and Beyond: Favorite Band?

Aimee: The Strokes

Nerds and Beyond: Favorite Word?

Aimee: Love

Nerds and Beyond: Finally, we like to close out interviews by asking a Star-Wars related question. If you could pick, what color would you want your lightsaber to be?

Aimee: Blue. Rey … Jedi Guardian color all the way!

Thank you again to Aimee for this interview! You can follow Aimee on Twitter @Aimee_Garcia, and on Instagram @aimeegarcia4realz

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