‘Lucifer’ Season 6: Netflix Releases Trailer for the Final Season

Meredith J
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The new trailer has dropped for season 6, the final season, of Lucifer. For its final season, Lucifer has definitely not gone “Half-Cocked.”

It’s nice to see the writers have not lost their love of puns. In the trailer, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) tells a patrol officer that he was bribing a “motorcycle cop,” and that he’s no longer the Devil but (almost) God. Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) pushes Lucifer to take the throne in the “silver city” sooner than later. Chloe (Lauren German) tells Amenadiel that Lucifer shouldn’t go into the new job “half-cocked.”

“I should definitely go in full cocked,” Lucifer replies.

Puns aside, the trailer has a first look at new actors as well. Briana Hildebrand (Deadpool) stars as a rebellious angel who takes over hell when Lucifer is occupied on Earth. She can be seen in the trailer in edgy leather boots sitting on Lucifer’s throne and telling an unsuspecting nurse, “Want to help me destroy Lucifer Morningstar?” She is up to no good as she rules Hell, which ushers in the apocalypse as things on Earth go haywire. Cue Dr. Linda Martin (Rachel Harris), who must use her therapeutic brilliance to talk sense into the all-knowing power in the universe, Lucifer Morningstar.

This is the most eventful season yet. Favorite characters return to the season as well, including series regulars Dan (Kevin Alejandro), Maeve (Lesley Ann Brandt) Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), and Eve (Inbar Levi). Season 6 releases on Netflix on September 10. That gives you plenty of time to binge-watch the last 5 seasons on Netflix, too! You can see the new trailer below.

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