Final Voting for the Audio Verse Awards is Open

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Courtesy of Audio Verse

The final voting for the Audio Verse Awards is here, since 2013, the annual Audio Verse Awards has brought attention to multiple amazing audio dramas that are available for fans to listen to for free. Their audio dramas can win multiple awards in a variety of categories like, engineering, music, production, writing, and performance.

Some of the audio dramas up for awards are:

Red Rhino:

Timeline Keeper Evangeline must help and train high schooler Wes Whittaker, if they are to save everyone in this timeline. On a recent field trip Wes came back with something extra, superpowers…. the catch is they are very lame.

The Amelia Project:

Offering the service of faking deaths is what this company proposes to its variety of clients. Each client – whether they are politicians, cult leaders or porn stars – all have one thing in common, to vanish and begin again.

The Bright Sessions:

A science fiction audio drama following a group that have supernatural abilities and also happen to be therapy patients. Follow their adventures as they work through their concerns with the cryptic Dr. Bright.

H.G Wells Has Regrets:

Is about H. G Wells and his time machine invention. This comedy audio drama follows him on his adventures as he has real conversations with people from other timelines and his thoughts.

You can see the 2018 complete list of finalists on the Audio Verse Website. Please remember to cast your votes, voting is open until 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time December 1.

What is your favourite audio drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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