Celebrating a ‘Supernatural’ Poet on National Poetry Day

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Misha Collins at a Supernatural convention in Honolulu in 2017. Photo by Mandi Lea Photography.

October 4, 2018 is National Poetry Day and to celebrate we are taking a look at some of the works of Supernatural‘s Misha Collins. While many may know him as an actor and an activist, Collins is also a published poet. Two of his poems, “Old Bones” and “Baby Pants”, were published in the Columbia Poetry Review‘s 21st edition in 2008. Below are two of Collins’ published works.

Old Bones

This morning

The smell of bacon

Brought me downstairs

But before I reached

The open kitchen door

A voice stopped me

My mother telling

Her old, arthritic dog,

“I know sweetness

You’ve been carrying those bones

For a long time.”

I leaned unseen

On the mildeweed

Window sill

Watching her

Sip coffee

Fry Bacon

Her old dog

Pressing at her knee

-Misha Collins


June Second

This morning we walked outside

And the street was covered in freshly fallen jacaranda petals;

A blanket of purple snow.


I complained.

“We wait all year for these flowers

And they’re gone in a week.”


“Hmm,” she said

crushing wilted purple blossoms with her shoes.

“Hmm what?”

“I haven’t been waiting for anything.”


But she has.

I know it.

-Misha Collins


Collins is also known for sharing poems on the go using his social media accounts. He has shared many Snapchat videos of himself reciting poetry, both his own work and the work of others, as well as tweeted poems like this one, titled “Suddenly”, through his official Twitter account.


Happy National Poetry Day to Supernatural‘s Misha Collins and all of the other poets out there!

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