Pre-Order Louden Swain’s New Album, ‘Splitting the Seams’, NOW!

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The new acoustic album Splitting The Seams by Louden Swain is being released on October 26th, but you can now pre-order it on their website!

Cover art for Louden Swain’s new album ‘Splitting The Seams’ which is available for purchase on October 26, 2018.

The album has fourteen songs, consisting of some fan favorites and a couple of brand new songs as well! The full track list includes:

Overachiever (Acoustic)
All I Need (Acoustic)
CA Nation (Acoustic)
Another Fool
Trigger Finger (Acoustic)
Silverspoon (Acoustic)
Big One (Acoustic)
Real Life (Acoustic)
Mrs. Vance (Acoustic)
Ready Steady (Acoustic)
Too Far Away
Amazing (Acoustic)
Mamma’s Jam (Acoustic)
Rock Song (Acoustic)

According to their website, the first 100 copies sold will be autographed, so make sure to buy yours here!

Also new on their website is a t-shirt featuring “Here Come The Snakes”, which you can purchase here.

New Louden Swain t-shirt for sale on the Louden Swain official website.

Anticipation was already at an all-time high for Splitting The Seams, but now we can say it’s through the roof. October 26 cannot come fast enough!

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