‘Watchmen’ Series coming to HBO in 2019


Writer Damon Lindelof is going to be bringing Watchmen the series to HBO in 2019. It will be based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and set in an alternate time where “superheroes” are treated as criminals once they get outlawed.

The sci-fi Watchmen graphic novel takes place in the 1980s where Richard Nixon is still president. The mini-series is 12 issues long written by Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons.

Here is the Instagram post where Lindelof wrote a five-page letter to fans going into detail about his intentions with doing the Watchmen series.

“We have no desire to “adapt” the twelve issues Mr. Moore and Mr. Gibbons created thirty years ago.  Those issues are sacred ground and they will not be retread nor recreated no reproduced nor rebooted.”

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Day 140.

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“To be clear. Watchmen is canon.”

The music of the show is going to be done by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross who have done music together before on the movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and others.

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