Tuesday, March 28, 2023

DJ Qualls Hints Return to ‘Supernatural’!

THE CWSUPERNATURALDJ Qualls Hints Return to 'Supernatural'!

DJ Qualls debuted as hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV in the 7th season of Supernatural. Garth’s last on screen appearance, season 9’s “Sharp Teeth”, revealed the hunter’s new life as a married werewolf. The character was referenced as recently as season 12’s “Who We Are”, however, when Dean Winchester called to warn his friend of the British Men of Letters’ intent to hunt him down.

Qualls hinted a return to the show on Twitter on Saturday. If he does appear in season 14, Garth would join several fan favorite characters who have made returns to the show in recent seasons. It will be interesting to see how Garth has adjusted to life as a werewolf and just how he crosses paths with the Winchesters again.

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